We are under contract on our house.

Last week, I was terrified of being foreclosed on. Both my husband and I lost our jobs within 3 weeks of each other. With the market being as it is, jobs are hard to come by.

We’ve dropped the price of our house from “highway robbery” to “I might be able to buy a crack rock for this amount.” It worked. We signed the contract today. Our house has been on the market for 3 years. This is our first offer. We are taking backups.

You may recall my post about our decision to move to the mountains. Our hurdle to achieving that is almost over. We close on or before Jan 13. Both the buyer and seller are motivated to close sooner.

You may think I’m the same person I was yesterday. I’m not. I have hope today. My house will not be foreclosed on, my car will not be repossessed. My daughter, my love, will be ok.

So! On to my 10 Page Plan, drafted 3 years ago. This IS the plan you’ve been looking for. This plan is my plan, this plan is your plan, this plan was made for you and me. Stick to the plan!

I would like to thank everyone. There have been some mighty dark days for us in the past 5 years. None darker than the last month. I can not begin to tell you how often a thread has taken my mind off of everything. Has made me smile. Has made me think.

And TokyoPlayer, if you are out there, thank you so much for sharing your joy. I can not tell you how happy it has made me to read the reports and see the pictures. Maybe one day you can tell Anya, that once upon a time, there was a very, very sad lady, and she not only made her smile, made her hope.

My nightmare may not be over, but I can see the dawn coming. I’m so, so, so very tired. My husband says I can do more with nothing than anyone he has ever seen. That may be true, but I’m so sick of nothing, it breaks my heart.

BTW, Christmas in the mountains will be on or before Jan. 13th. It snowed there Monday.

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I’m so happy to read this! Good thoughts for you and your family.


How happy I am for you!!!

Now YOU’VE made MY month!

Nice to know it is going well for someone, although it had to come at such peril.

Say hi to the mountains for us!

AuntBeast, I’m really happy for you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel-- and the scenery on the other side looks way cool.
Thanks for sharing this story of hope.

This is fantastic!! I hope you love it in the mountains.

Yay! Congratulations!

Many honest congratulations to you even if my most secret heart is filled with envy. I love knowing that someone I (semi) know is going to be living her dream. And mine.

That’s excellent news. Glad the plan is working. What’s next, after the move?

That is great to hear. And I hope you love the mountains as much as I do; I may live in some different ones and I’m not anything like as far off the beaten path as I think your mountain house is, but it is glorious to walk outside and think, “I get to live here??? Really???

My next step? An open house tomorrow, a showing at 4:30pm. Back up contracts out the ying-yang, packing, packing, more packing.

Then, one day, in the foreseeable future…I will wake up to fresh brewed coffee, pour myself a cup in my most favorite coffee cup ever and I will walk out on to the porch, and watch the sun rise over the mists of the mountains that fill my soul.

I am of the Smokies. They have always been a touch point for me. When I was younger, I would drive up to the mountains, find a good look out and just sit for hours. Soon, my bedroom window will overlook the valley and the ridges beyond. My kitchen window has the same view, my dining room and my family room.

And my daughter, who loves the outdoors, who would spend all day outside if she could, will have one contained acre and thousands of uncontained acres to call her home.

But mostly, I will have money in the bank, food in my fridge and a chance to live the kind of life I’ve wanted to live.

And a really, really neat thing, I’ll be able to give back to those people that have helped us through the hell and the fire.

I’m also going to donate a shitload of formula to the local food banks. Word is they are always lacking that and they desperately need it. We just had a local baby almost die because the mother was diluting the formula. $100 a month to formula feed a baby and it isn’t like you can feed them human food and many women who work are unable to continue breastfeeding once they return.


now don’t forget to cackle, rub your hands together and say in the scary movie voice: my plan is nearly complete… soon it will all be mine, mine. mine!!" followed by evil laugh.

I’m so pleased for you!

I wrote in my updated thread that, as expected, the Dope doesn’t get much of what little free time this new parent gets.

I had a couple of minutes and just happened to open only this thread. I’m always humbled and in awe that our news, while so great to us, could be shared and so cared about by others to be a source of smiles and even hope.

I’ve shared my raw pain of losing a son. Of the depths and of the shadows. And of learning to put together the pieces. Of being incredibly blessed with a wonderful daughter. Good things can come after trials.

This is a rough time for you, but remember that there are people throughout the world pulling for you as there were people pulling for me.

Be assured that when Anya can understand I will tell her about the wonderful, once-sad woman, who will be living surrounded by clear mountain air and greeted by the wild birds, that though in midst of her private despair, this wonderful soul could still find joy and hope.

Your husband is right. You are a strong woman. I wish you the best of luck that it goes smoothly now.

Congratulations, AuntBeast. I wish you and your family the best on your move from your house to your home.

I really wanted to end the thread with that post. Darn people saying in 15 words what it takes me 2000 to say.


We got news last night that some kids broke in to the house, no damage except an open door. The house is absolutely fine. The road is clear, the windows are undamaged, no obvious mold or any other issues, the items stored in the garage are still stacked and sealed nicely.

I’m planning on listening to John Denver all the way up.

I absolutely agree. Whether you are someone who needs to be surrounded by nature or by millions of other people in a major city, knowing how lucky you are to live where you do and be truly happy in your environment is worth more than any amount of money. I wish you and your family the best and I hope this is not just the end of dark times in your life but also the beginning of great things for you.

Congratulations. May yours be smooth sailing from now on. And please write when you reach your destination. :slight_smile: