We can't stop here!

It’s giant robot Michael Jackson country!

Holy crap. Just when you need that little extra oomph, Michael Jackson turns the Bizarro dial to 11. None more bizarre.


Jackson wants to build a 50 foot metal replica of himself to wander through the Nevada desert firing fricking LASER BEAMS into the night sky.

I can just imagine it. A plane is descending into the airport at dusk, perhaps out of light cloud cover, it’s passenger finishing up the last of the peanuts, perhaps awaking from the end of a snooze, only to be greeted by MECHANOJACKSON, bejewelled metal gloved hand illuminating the desert skyline like some freaky live action enactment of the video for “can you feel it?”

It won’t stop at one. soon there will be a fleet of sentinelesque mechamichaels leaving a crotchgrabbing moonwalk of distruction across the world.