"We Didn't Start the Fire" - website explaining what it all means?

Thank you in advance…

start at 1949.

end at 1989.

Why need a website? Am I missing something? This is all you need to know…

:slight_smile: We didn’t start the fire: “Look…my generation and the current times and the things that go on in the world now are no worse than before. In other words…the good old days weren’t so good. Want some reminders? How 'bout the Bay of Pigs, How 'bout 'Nam…Berlin Wall…Etc etc. Need more info? Okay, Kennedy getting killed, Korea, WW2. Man, quit knocking all the bad stuff now…there were problems long before now. Drugs, war, murder, plague, famine, oppression…man…we didn’t start it…it was always going on…I can’t take it anymore.”

So don’t knock the current times like the past was more holy or something. The “fire” was always burning.

Got it?

i couldn’t have put it better myself, philster.

Google is your friend.

Oh, jeez. In case you’ve mistaken me for an ass, which would be easy to do, here is the proper link.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Leonard Bernstein!!!

Re. the “shopping list of bad events and people” theory: Sugar Ray (Robinson, presumably), Buddy Holly, “Ben Hur,” hula hoops, Campanella, Hemingway, “Lawrence of Arabia,” and John Glenn are supposed to be some of the bad things that happened since WWII?!?