We don't need no steenkin LOLcats!

When we have LOLthulhu

What can I say? I’m bored today.

Bwah! My middle daughter’s SO is going to love this when I send him the link!

Pfft. Lame. Give me Average Cats instead.

snicker No, Lil’ Shub Niggurath would not make a good Beanie Baby. Naked mole rats, on the other hand, make a good cosmic horror in their own right.

I’m reading all of these in Sheldon’s voice (from “Big Bang Theory”). :smiley:

Funny. I’ve never seen “Big Bang Theory”, so I’m hearing them all in Ben Stein’s voice! :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly was not expecting a naked mole rat, and the sight of it has Traumatized me.