We don't talk about that here, thank you. House rule.

It is, of course, terribly silly to pretend that a given entry in a TV series, movie franchise, comic book run, or whatnot never happened. Why, even I refuse to do it any more, and I’m a nutjob.

That said … there are still things we simply refuse to talk about. Yes, we admit that Chuck Austen wrote that X-Men run with Nightcrawler being a pawn in a plan to destroy the Catholic Church with magical communion wafers; we simply do not talk about it here so as not to give anyone an anger stroke. For similar reasons, we do not allow conversations about the novels Hannibal or Hannibal Rising because there are children present and it is not necessary to scar them needlessly; and it is likewise not necessary to go into any detail about the post-Sin City work of Frank Miller because it makes people cry.

Anything else?

Dude, there was a Highlander 2.


Any Superman movie after Superman II

Star Trek V

I don’t pretend things never happened, but I also don’t think that a bad sequel/remake/adaptations has any negative impact on the original.

Empire Strikes Back is not better or worse because the next four movies sucked. Crocodile Dundee II does not make Crocodile Dundee less fun. The later Foundation novels do not damage the early ones. The rap version of Tiki Room at Tokyo Disneyland did not weaken the original in Anaheim. The second George Bush did not make the first one shorter.

You remember The Blues Brothers? It was funny and the music was great. Thank heavens they never made a sequel. Without John Belushi. I mean, it might have made sense as a heartfelt tragedy in which Elwood Blues learns to cope with life on his own following the death of his brother. You can’t sing the blues without pain. Wouldn’t have been funny, but the original had a bleak edge to it, you knew these people were living on the margins of society. But, yes. Thank God they let it end with the first film. If I ever meet Dan Aykroyd that’s what I’ll say to him. “Thank you, Dan, for not participating in an inferior sequel to one of your many classics, e.g. Ghostbusters”. And then I would tell him that Aykroyd is tricky to spell, and we would laugh.

The Indiana Jones-that-must-not-be-named.

You are taking this thread way too seriously, dude. Dudette. Whatever. (I don’t keep track of these things.) The OP specifically mocks the idea of pretending a given movie, book, or whatever doesn’t exist. This is a joke thread whose only aim is to say cruel, cruel things about bad, bad entertainment.

Fool of a …

:: checks schedule ::

FBI agent! You have phrased your answer in such a way that it provides virtually no information, as if you were no more than Chris Carter!

Temple of Doom or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I actually like both, but would rank Crystal Skull over Temple of Doom.

There, I said it.

Since we don’t talk about it here (a house rule, you see) I can neither acknowledge nor deny the existence of the movie that may or may not have been mentioned in an earlier (or possibly later) post by me (or maybe someone else).

ETA - Crystal Skull.
Eww . . . I got the heebie-jeebies just typing it. I need to take a shower now.

Threads fail that need explaining.

I will send over a hookerbot and some sort of alcoholic refreshment if you wish.

I’ve read most of X-men from 70s through mid-90s, and somehow I missed this. Was that in X-calibre?

Mine is X-men related, too. We don’t talk about the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I have a friend who avoids discussions of Doom, the movie.

I am unsure why you would wish to inflict this upon yourself, but 'pon your own head be it.

Scroll down to “Faking the rapture.”

I apologize for in any way giving the appearance or impression that I was taking anything seriously. Such was not my intent.

I want to rewatch Crystal Skull. I really do. I love Indy. But they cast that monstrosity Shia LeBouf as his kid. The great Indy, Harrison Ford, reduced to having that little punk as his son!

So that’s one of mine.

I also refuse to acknowledge any sequels to Neverending Story. I don’t watch XMen 3 - I loved the first two movies and was disappointed dreadfully in the third.

And what’s that awful Superman Returns dreck? Nope, never existed.

Around these parts, we don’t talk about the Star Trek TOS 3rd season episode entitled, Spock’s Brain.

I am so glad that when the heavens aligned to make the perfect fun popcorn movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” that no one tempted fate by trying to make a sequel. Or if they did they don’t mention it at my house.

Similarly, the animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was so perfect no one would need to come up with a completely f-Ed up live action version. Right?[

[skald you’re back!]

Neither “The Scarlet Letter” nor “The Count of Monte Christo” has ever been made into a movie. Which is sad, really , because they are such great stories, and would almost certainly make riveting cinema. . .unless some twit came along and messed with the ending. . .

Nor has anyone ever tried to re-make “Little Women” which was so obviously perfect the first time around. . .

And you know what else would be great? A cartoon about bugs bunny and daffy duck when they were little kids. I bet a creative team could do something really astounding with that.

If you want your dinner; nod quietly and change the subject.

This is probably a pretty good idea for all movies based on video games. Or really, any games, come to think of it.

Wait…Temple of Doom is hated? Every single person I’ve ever asked has ranked either above or equal to Raiders. I’ve heard people complain about Willy and Short-Round but I’ve never heard anyone actually hate the film, certainly never more than Kingdom.