Indiana Jones and, Empire of the... uh something something

Harrison has announced he is willing to do Indy 5, if…

The script is good.

Is it possible to make this condition retro-active?

They had nearly 20 years to get a “good” script last time out…and look at what happened.

Well, so far, every odd-numbered Indiana Jones movie has been good. So we can at least hope…

That’s a not-so-subtle dig at the writing skills of George Lucas, right? Of course he wasn’t always this coy.“George, you can type this shit, but you sure can’t say it.”

Can Harrison Ford buy a starring role in anything these days? I think this is a cry for help.

Didn’t Adam West once say the same thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

George Lucas does not write the Indiana Jones movies. He only comes up with the story. Though he does get initial script approval.

I look forward to seeing how awful Indiana Jones And The Nasty Men turns out to be.

Harrison should speak up for himself and everyone.
“I’m willing to do Indy 5, but not if Lucas is involved.”

Yes, but only by watching Temple of Doom over and over again until you start to wonder why it doesn’t get the credit it deserves as a cinematic masterpiece and why Kate Capshaw isn’t a bigger star.
Otherwise, it is best to pretend that there were only two Indiana Jones movies ever made.

Why is he just now asking for a good script? I saw the first three movies for the first time a couple weeks ago, and though Temple of Doom was by far the worst, I thought all three were pretty terrible.


Get the rope.

I thought the last one was just fine. I don’t know why everyone was so worked up about aliens. One fiction is just as good as another. Temple of Doom is the only one that really stinks.

When you have the Refrigerator Nuclear Bunker and the Anti-Communist Monkey Army, plexiglass skulled aliens are the least of your script problems.

I hear she quit show business, and moved to Ireland to work in Fair Folking. As a banshee.

It is a well known fact that monkey’s are capitalists so that’s not so far fetched.
Does this mean we get to suggest more names for the next movie, like Indiana Jones and the Box of Depends?

If the timeline keeps up, in the next movie he’d be fighting in Viet Nam, right?

Raiders of the Lost Bifocals (spoiler alert: “Oh, here they are on my head!”)

I know, I know, Indy is an old man now. But Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was decently fun and I have the perfect title for Indy 5…

Indiana Jones and the Boys From Brazil

It’s got everything. An exotic location, crazy pseudoscience/mysticism and Nazis!

This is true. Perhaps it’s not the numbering that’s decisive though.

I can’t help wondering if he’s hoping for a “do-over,” or that he actually thought the last script was good?

(Indiana Jones and the Erectile Dysfunction?)

Here’s the thing. Harrison Ford’s age played almost no role in my disappointment with the film.

Don’t get me wrong. It was an OK movie. It’s just that the MacGuffin was weak and the monkeys were over the top. A little too much campiness.

But it was still a passable film when judged on its own merits and not those of the earlier films plus twenty years of nostalgia.

Even with these negatives pushing it well behind Temple of Doom for 4th place, Harrison Ford himself was actually kind of fun to watch. An old action hero can work in the right setting. I think Ford was fine and would be fine in the next one. I’d like to see them set it in Moscow or East Germany.
Besides, my son LOVED it, which brought me a world of joy![/sub]