Harrison ford to play Indy Jones again

rumored title is “where is my wheelchair and dentures?” :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how they handle a 4th move :wink:


I would love to see an extended fight scene between about twenty bad guys and Indy, who only has his walker to use as a weapon. And then an exciting fistfight on a Rascal puttering along.

Oh, no, the Rascal is for the car chase. Remember the Nazi trucks racing along the edge of the cliff in the first movie? This’ll be Rascals along the edge of a steep sand trap.

Do I get anything from Disney if I name it? Like a bit part?

If so, watch for me as a mysterious spy in “Indiana Jones and the Recliner of Doom”.

Will Shia be in it?

in the first movie where the guy has a sword and Indy shoots him was Ford’s idea because he was having the runs. He wanted the scene over quickly and got his wish.

Didn’t someone joke here that the last movie should have been called Indiana Jones and the Hip Replacement?

So, seriously thinking - the original came out it 1981 and was set in 1936. Assuming this one is coming out in 2022, will it be set in 1977? Will we get disco and the New York City blackout? Will Indy go see Star Wars?

They have to work this in, making some disparaging comment about the actor playing Solo.

Harrison Ford is 78 years old. Right now, even before filming starts.

He shouldn’t be doing this. You don’t “owe” the fans anything. It will probably kill him. But maybe he needs a new airplane.

Well, hell, Dick Van Dyke was tap-dancing on top of a desk at 91 in Mary Poppins Returns so it’s possible to be working in the movies at an advanced age… but more realistically, there’s a limit to what a 78 year old guy can do.

And no, he doesn’t need a new airplane. Or a new helicopter.

Clint Eastwood is currently directing and starring in Cry Macho. He was born in 1930, so that makes him 90 years old.

Okay, fine, whatever, but in this movie HE HAS TO LOSE AN EYE!

Perhaps he will play Indy in a frame story, with Sean Patrick Flanery in flashbacks.

ETA: I just looked up Flanery’s wiki page. Egad! He’s 55!

Ford himself joked after the third one the only sequel he was willing to do after that was Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Chair.

I just hope somewhere in the movie someone uses the line “He belongs in a museum”

That might have been me (“Indiana Jones and the Broken Hip”), but I later found out the same (or similar) joke had been circulating since the 1990s.

2003 thread

Does anyone else find it bizarre that Disney is making another sequel instead of just rebooting the franchise?

They’re trying something daring and innovative. (only slightly sarcastic)

Actually, the jacket, hat, and whip were donated to the Smithsonian. I vaguely recall a photo or video of some ceremony involving him donating them.

Will they borrow those back for Indy 5? Thurlow Leatherworld, the company that made the original deerskin jacket, hasn’t been in business since about the turn of the century.