Harrison ford to play Indy Jones again

There are many of them out there, I have one of the original jackets and hats.

Not the ones from the film itself, the ones made by Thurlow Leatherworld etc.

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All these so called jokes are bordering on ageism. Ford is likely in better shape that half of those here half his age.

The final movie would be a great time to bring back Karen Allen. Karen and Harrison have great on screen chemistry.

He’s 78. They can’t bring in some 30 year old model for him to romance.

Karen is 69 and still looks good (considering her age). Movie makeup & lighting would take off 10 years.

I’d like to see Marion and Indy end the movie together with Indy planning retirement. Leaving the door open for another movie.

Didn’t he break his leg on the set of the last Star Wars movie he did, when the door to the Millennium Falcon closed on him?

I think Harrison Ford is notoriously accident prone. I wonder whether it’s because he is perpetually high on pot.

Isn’t that the one where he gets a beatnik sidekick?

Patrick Steward is 80 and I hear doing a fine job keeping up with production in ST:Picard.

Is this a whoosh? That’s exactly what happened in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

You know, just that scene would be worth buying the movie.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Droid

Bordering? Those jokes have not only emigrated into the country of Ageism, they built homesteads in the heartland, culturally assimilated and produced several generations of jus soli offspring.

So who are the “bad guys” in 1977? The Nazis and Reds are old hat, and terrorist and drug kingpins are a little low-rent for Indy. Satanists? Bigfoot? A New Age cult?


Maybe times have changed and Indy finally has to pay the price for decades of enriching himself as a Malraux-style tomb raider. Lots of crazy shit happening in Cambodia in 1977.

That was the last film.

Temple of Doom but with a Jim Jones figure with actual supernatural powers. (The People’s Temple was in 1978.)

On second thought, maybe they should stick with the tried and true Nazi angle. Set in South America perhaps.

I haven’t seen that movie. Apparently bringing back Marion makes a lot of sense. The chemistry between Ford and Karen is quite special.

My last Indy film was Last Crusade with Sean Connery. CBS ran several classic movies this summer because of the pandemic.

My movie watching has significantly dropped since the rental stores closed.
I need to find time to watch Crystal Skull the next time it runs on TCM.

Rescuing his grandchildren from a Satanic child-care centre…

Do yourself a favor and stop looking for that time. It’s time that a whole lot of us will never get back. Crystal Skull is beyond awful.