We don't talk about that here, thank you. House rule.

Clue was a really fun movie.

It does sometimes sadden me that strong movies can launch a string of sequels that dilute the brand and make the original seem lesser as a result. Rocky is the poster child for this effect, low budget character driven story, lots of emotion and character growth, spawns 5 sequels that are essentially dumb boxing movies.

A lot of people do. Hell, I’m Indian and I got made fun of a lot as a kid for the “weird shit that Indians eat” (monkey’s brains!?) but I still loved the movie.

I think it’s widely acknowledged as the weakest of the original 3 (including by Spielberg himself, if Wikipedia is to be believed). Personally, I’m sort of not thrilled with the way it depicts India…

There were sequels after Jaws 2?

Really? Because I thought there was a pretty general consensus that the second movie dropped the ball and the third movie picked it back up.

Huh, never heard any of that myself. I guess I can understand people not liking its portrayal of India, but that was kind of the point. It’s an homage to the “exotic” adventure films of the 30’s. Whiny useless broad to get captured, comic relief character made of stereotypes, all running around to defeat the “evil pagan cult” that invariably wants to take over the world.

A few suggestions for the thread.

There were no Dune novels after Frank Herbert’s death.

There were no fifth season or TV/direct-to-DVD movies for Babylon 5.

Dragon Ball ran for a healthy 153 episodes and never had any sequels or movies made.

The Highlander franchise usually only consists of two movies (one and three) and a single TV show (no Raven no The Animated Series and absolutely no made for TV movies).

The Legend of Zelda never had a TV series, and unfortunately plans for a trilogy of games on the failed Phillips CD-I fell through before they were developed.

The classic adventure game series Leisure Suit Larry had only 5 entries.

Thank Satan Ira Levin never tried to write a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby

In my teens I learned the perfect answer. “Rich people in every culture eat weird stuff.” Lark’s tongue anyone?

But there were aspects of it I LOVE. I love Mola Raam - Amrish Puri is one of my favoritest actors, ever. I love that he’s actually speaking in Hindi when he’s yelling and I can understand it. I like Short Round, mostly. I can’t stand Willie, of course.

No doubt about it, it’s extremely ethnocentric and ignorant, but so are lots of things that are still fun.

Family Guy was a fantastic show, and such a breath of fresh air. I sometimes wish, with the DVD sales and popularity on Adult Swim and all, Fox could be convinced to uncancel it.

It was rather odd how The Wire had only bits and pieces of a fifth season. I heard they were going to investigate the role of the press, but they hardly touched on it at all; perhaps David Simon decided he was too close to write objectively about it.

That’s certainly true. As a child, I actually rather enjoyed the movie, stupidity about India notwithstanding (I was just happy for anything that mentioned India at all, actually). However, rewatching it as an adult, I did come to agree with the general consensus that it was far weaker than the other two.

The Star Trek reboot movie. It didn’t happen, it was just a bad dream.


Me too.
I loved the Star Trek reboot, so I guess it shows goes to show how things are subjective. So. Many. Pretty Boys! And I adore Karl Urban.

I am going to have to pretend I didn’t read this.

No, wait, that’s too much trouble. I’m just going to edit my memory so that this heretical opinion was posted by Rosie Cotton rather than you.

Agreed. Never happened.

Certainly not!

As for myself, I’m glad that no one ever tried to make Mr. Popper’s Penguins or the Lemony Snicket books into movies. If they did, they’d probably try to shoehorn that bastard Jim Carrey in somehow, and that would be stupid and wrong.

Oh, my. That certainly puts my ire over Inferno (Madalyne Pryor is suddenly an evil clone of Jean Grey) into perspective. I would ignore that point in Inferno but it sort of had lasting ramifications.

He was so angry after we watched it. He was pacing and huffing. “How can you screw up DOOOOOM?”

I stand by my statements, love. I thought it was a great movie. That doesn’t in anyway diminish my love for previous Star Treks, but I’m very happy they turned a new leaf and started a new universe. The old Star Trek was getting stale and overused anyway - that’s why none of the shows were doing well. They needed young and new actors to restart it.

Oh, as to video game movies, Prince of Persia wasn’t bad, but they didn’t cast anyone remotely Persian in it. Instead, they starred Jake Gyllenhall. Not even, say, Ben Barnes, who’s at least darker and has dark hair. And could pass for it, with his features.

I didn’t have to pretend - I literally *forgot *that *Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull *existed for approximately four years. Saw it, hated it, and somehow it dropped out of my consciousness until I was reminded of it earlier this year. (It was a good four years.)

Mika my darling, why are you forcing me to neuralize myself over and over again? Are you TRYING to give me a brain cloud again?

:: removes Ray-Bans, presses button ::

Now, as I was saying, Ms. Cotton, I am not contending that all the previous Treks were good. The Motion Picture was at best adequate, while all but one-half of the NextGen entries were mediocre at best. But at least they didn’t commit the cardinal sin of making the main character not merely boring but actively repellent. I spent the majority of that movie hoping that 90210!Kirk would be strapped to a poll in an ice rink and beaten to death by hockey pucks.

Plus they killed Winona Ryder. Not allowed. She’s too pretty to die.

And the camera flashes! My eyes still hurt!

And Chekov! Why in the name of Athena did they bring Wesley Crusher back a century early! And why –

:: takes deep breath, neuralizes self again ::

And that’s why Return of the King is actually a pretty good movie, on balance.

I don’t know what any of those words mean.

I hate Wynona Ryder, so there.

And Kirk will get better. That’s merely the first movie, and he needed to be cut down a notch. He’s young, and arrogant, and cocky and brash. Hmm, like many many men I know of. Plus I don’t watch for him, I watch for Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban and the girl who plays Uhura whom I am very very sorry that I don’t remember her name.

As to the video game movie comment, I guess you just hated it that much. :slight_smile: It was mediocre and I only remember it vaguely.