We got a great review for Oedipus Rex performances

As I noted previously, we’ve been performing Stravinksy’s *Oedipus Rex *and *Symphony of Psalms *for the Sydney Festival. It’s been a fantastic experience - one of the best I’ve ever had as a singer. At last night’s final performance the emotion and power on stage were incredible, and the audience was in floods of tears. The reviewer was very complimentary and rightly, I think, described our performances as the “musical highlight” of the Festival.

On the one hand, as a guy who is a parvenu, I TRY TO AVOID obvious classical connections. At the same time I try to play it cool when describing Stravinksy’s “Oedipus Rex.”

Addjustment: I’m a newbie who enjoys the links mentioned in this thread.

Except Stravinsky.

Congratulations! That’s pretty high praise. Are you still performing at the festival or is it over?

No, the Festival ended with our performance on Saturday night.

Next we’ve got two performances of Mahler 8 in three weeks’ time.


Any chance of a video linkage for mere mortals to watch and listen from across the globe?

There’s a clip on Youtube of news footage of one of the dress rehearsals. Search on “Oedipus” and “Sydney”. I think the ABC filmed one of the performances too, but I don’t know whether it’s available yet.

Lazy buggers! I hope you’re doing that one from memory, too! :smiley:

One of these days, I’ll get down to your corner of the world to hear you. I know you’re only letting us know about the highlights, but whoever is planning the repertoire has a great sense of balancing great works that are well known and great works that deserve to be heard more.

By the way, if you’re short a baritone soloist for Mahler 8th…

After both *Messiah *and *Oedipus/Psalms *from memory, it will feel strange holding scores for Mahler 8.