I've got three performances of Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers) this weekend

Tonight, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon we’ll be singing the soundtrack while the film is screened in the Concert Hall of the Opera House.

We had the final rehearsal last night and it was all sounding very exciting. I gather that all three performaces are sold out, so we’ll have great houses too.

I would sell . . . lots of things . . . to be able to see that!

Good luck.

Sounds like a great experience (for you and the patrons)

Any chance you’ll take the show on the road? (Like to Brisbane? :wink: )

No. Just the 3 Sydney performances. It was the same last year with the first film. And presumably will also be the case next year for the third one.

Melbourne’s doing the first film with orchestra/choir in October. It seems that cities schedule these things independently from one another.

I saw Howard Shore conduct the Cleveland Orchestra doing the music.

I hope you have a great time!

Sorry, I meant to say, break a leg!

Awesome!! I attended a performance at Radio City Music Hall last year when they did The Two Towers with live orchestra & singers.

All of the performances went very well, and we had three full houses. Roll on the third film in 2013…