We had to put down Qwerty, our cat, today

So sorry to hear of your loss. It’s always hard, especially when it is sudden.

I’m so sorry.
Extra hugs for daughter.

RIP Qwerty

I’m sorry puzzlegal. Such a tough thing when it is time.

I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard. :hug:

I’m so sorry, hon! :heartbeat:

If you think your daughter is beating herself up about not bringing Qwerty home to die, it might help to remind her that the car ride itself would likely have been really unpleasant for her. Qwerty sounds like a lovely kitty, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sending hugs and supportive vibes to you and your family. The loss of a beloved pet can be so devastating. I hope your family’s grief can turn to cherished memories soon.

Yes, I’m sure that was best. Poor kitty. And poor you guys! I’m sorry.

My cat, St. George, developed an ulcer near his left canine, which eventuality worked its way in and weakened and broke his jaw. He could not eat. He was 18, so a good timeline for a cat.

I cried.

I cried so much as I held him and the vet injected whatever vets inject.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. I really sympathize.

On the other hand, St. George was a complete arsehole of a cat. I loved him anyway.

I am so sorry.

It’s such a shock, when you’re expecting a diagnosis of something reasonably treatable, and instead get not only ‘soon’ but ‘right now.’

What Qwerty knew was ‘oh good, they’re doing something to make the pain stop’. And what else she knew was that she was with someone who loved her.

I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to let a pet go (I still hurt over my Velcro in September 2020), but this was the best thing to do for Qwerty, and it was a choice made from love. Then she was with someone she loved at the time. None of those things make it easier now but will hopefully make things easier later.

I’m so sorry @puzzlegal. Your poor daughter, and poor you as well. Qwerty was being a cat in not letting you know something was wrong, but the abrupt loss is so tough.

I, too, have lost a cat to mouth cancer, but I had a few months to get used to the idea and spoil my baby rotten before he told me it was time to go.

R.I.P Qwerty (and let your family know you are feeling better now).

I’m so sorry about Qwerty. I hope your daughter doesn’t feel terribly guilty about not bringing her home. Quite likely Qwerty was spared a lot of pain by doing it right then.

I’m very sorry.

It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially unexpectedly like this.

I’m sorry.


Harvey had a sudden respiratory problem. I took him to the vet, expecting she’d give him a shot or something, and went back home to work. Harvey died at the vet’s. I still feel guilty about not being there for him. We knew Creamsicle was dying. We wanted to be there with her; but it would have been selfish to prolong her suffering for another four or five hours, and the vet did not allow visitors until after closing. So Creamsickle went away without us. Yes, I feel guilty about not being there for her; but it was the best thing for her. Hugs to your daughter, as I know the guilt.

This is always really hard. Always. A few years ago our dog had a few health issues, but that day I took him into the vet for a cough that suddenly came on I had no idea he was not coming home with us. Same thing - xrays showed 12 or more tumors in his lungs and the vet recommended putting him down. It’s so hard…and the sudden emptiness. I am sorry.

My condolences. Your many happy memories will help get you through the pain.

I’m so sorry for your loss

Our sincere condolences, we went through that not too long ago. A touch decision.