We have a name!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my “boy names” thread on the temp boards. We have chosen a name, Tristan Haldane. And if it’s a girl (not that it’s really likely, the ultrasound was pretty obvious. I can’t give up hope until the wigglet comes out though) Sonja Lucille. 25 more days and we’ll know for sure (I have an appointment for repeat section.)

That’s a beautiful name, is the Haldane a family name?

OOps, I meant THOSE are beautiful NAMES. (I don’t want to send any negative vibes toward the slim possibility that you might have a girl disguising herself in the ultrasound, just to confuse and confuzzle you!)

Best of good luck to you and your whole family!

Thank you. Haldane is the name my husband fell in love with while we were looking through the baby name sites.