We have a new buddy. (doggy cuteness!)

Today was pretty eventful; we had a garage sale today, which was a big flop, and we checked out Freecycle while putting a “come take our leftovers” ad on it. Somebody had posted that they were giving up their dog because they had a baby*, and we decided that we were interested, partially because we liked the description. Right breed range, right age, and not too far away. The only real downside was that she came underfed (:mad::mad::mad: at original owners) and that she’s not fixed yet. So, we came over to meet her, decided she’d fit in well with our current dog, Sienna, and took her home to get a bath and a good meal. After a handful of FRAP** sessions, we got her comfortable enough to start testing out new names***; somehow, Glóey stuck, so we’re going to run with that name for the next two weeks so she gets used to it.

[sub]*People should really know better in this situation; baby was less than 5 months old, and the puppy is between 6 and 7 months. If they couldn’t afford the dog, attention or money-wise, they shouldn’t have gotten it.
**FRAP= frantic random act(s) of play
***Bootsie is not a proper name for a dog of large breed status, and is barely a proper name for any dog. Besides, she barely answered to it when her original people called her. So, we ended up looking through online lists of Icelandic pet names and tried out a list of names that appealed to us.[/sub]

Sorry guys, I am so stupid. I forgot that my Facebook account won’t show the images unless you’re on my friends’ list. :smack:


Oh she’s PRECIOUS! And she looks SO happy to be with you. Congratulations to you both!

She’s very cute, and she looks so happy to know how much love she’s going to be getting from now on! Good for you for going to get her, and BOO!!! to the previous “owners”, who deserve a poopy baby who never sleeps at night (as long as the baby doesn’t suffer from this, obviously, since it clearly wasn’t the baby’s fault!)

She looks like fun! (I personally would take a puppy over a baby any day…) Is her coat brindle? Look at her paws! She is going to grow into those paws! She looks really happy to be in your home.

Yep! Her coat is known as a reverse tiger brindle. her paws aren’t too big, and she has most of her adult teeth, So I am estimating a final weight of around 75 lbs currently. If the previous owners are to be believed, she is the product of a
Pit/ Pit X mastiff mating, and the runt. The coloration would be correct for that. Larger breeds continue to mature physically until they are three years old though, so I’m guessing high.

SQUEEEEEEE for puppies!

What a cutie-patootie! I love the brindle coat. Boo on the previous owners. :mad:

There’s a pit/mastiff cross at my dog park who looks something like that, so that sounds credible to me. Looks like a complete sweetheart!


She fits right in, other than the “learning our schedule” bit and the occasional Nasty Puppy Fart[sup]TM[/sup], but she’s getting used to our schedule right away.

Awww! Look at that face [gives skritches]! Good on you for taking her into your lives.

SQUEEBRINDLE! I love brindle. She looks like a sweetheart.

I just posted this in Misnomer’s puppy thread (wassup with all of the new Doper Dogs all of a sudden?), but I’ll put it here, too. Yogurt and fennel popsicles are good for getting rid of NPF’s.

The NPF’s are purely of my own devising. Since she is so underweight, We are feeding her a bowl of natural balance dog food rolls VIDEO LINK in addition to her kibble.
These will fatten her up and have great attractant value, but cause copious NPFs for about an hour afterwards.