We live in 1984

FBI bans almanacs on airplanes because terrorists read them.

From the link above"

WASHINGTON – The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

Next up, Feds ban the use of air on airplanes because terrorists breathe air.

Also it doesn’t only mean that if you own an almanac and floy on an airplane that you are a terrorist. You are also a terrorist if you just generally own an almanac.

From same site:

FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs

December 29, 2003

WASHINGTON – The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said terrorists may use almanacs “to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning.”

It urged officers to watch during searches, traffic stops and other investigations for anyone carrying almanacs, especially if the books are annotated in suspicious ways.

Bolding mine. I also wonder what suspicious ways refers to. I suppose that if you own the Witches Almanac and keep track of the phases of the moon and harvest times that you will be accused of turning people into werewolves while poisoning crops.

Next up, government calls for a ban on food because you know terrorists eat food and no more Guiness Book of World’s records.

FBI bans people from planes, because terrorists are technically people.

I thought we lived in Farenheit 451.

While I think this is a kind of pointless memo, where does it say anything about banning anything? I can’t see where your article even mentions air travel…

Didn’t this happen awhile ago? Or am I losing my mind at 30?

Well, almanacs ARE pretty big… pretty good bludgeon right there…

It was mentioned in air travel by my librarian friend that it effects more. Looks like Fahrenheit 451 works as well. I cross both of those books in my mind at times. However, when I wrote the OP I was thinking more along the lines that Big Brother is always watching you and the pure paranoia of the book itself.

My mom’s a pharmacist, has been for ~30 years. Each year she attends 2 or 3 conferences to be updated on the new drugs on the market to learn what they are and what they do.

A distant cousin of mine is a police officer, has been for ~5 years. Each year he receives about 100 memos from the FBI alerting him to be on the lookout for such-and-such, and to add another item to a list of suspicous things to be wary of during routine searches/stops/arrests.

I see absolutely no difference between the two situations.

So when the FBI suspects that a murderer they are seeking may be driving a white Chevy pickup and tells local police to keep it in mind, this is supposed to be Orwellian? Absurd.

Presumably, they have information that suggested terrorists might be using almanacs – they would certainly be ideally suited for “book codes” of the sort that a terrorist group might use. It would be irresponsible NOT to let other law-enforcement people know this. If they intercept a message that says “All Al-Quada operatives must wear blue on Tuesdays,” should they not put this on officer’s radar screens, because after all other people do too?

Are you worried that cops are so slack-jawed that they’re going to shoot people on sight for having almanacs? Or are you just looking to be pissy with FBI for doing their jobs?

I just said “Farenheit 451” to link to an old thread of the same topic. The OP there compared the almanac warning to Farenheit 451 rather than 1984.

That stupid article from Ted Bridis (AP) has been in about 10,000 newspapers and online news sources for the last week, this is the first you’ve heard of it? Crawl out from under the rock, dude.

On top of it, nothing has been banned, nobody is being labeled a terrorist for owning an almanac, and it has fuckall to do with air travel.

I suppose you wouldn’t consider the FBI issuing warnings about terrorists carrying the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Tao te Ching or any other book any less absurd. I completely think it is absurd and a total waste of our tax dollar with intentions of scaring the public.
Wish I would have seen the old topic. Looks like I’ll shut up now. Don’t want to fuel the harpies.

Well, if you have the “magic bullet” to help prevent terrorism, I’m sure the FBI and CIA would love to hear your take on it. Oh, wait, you’re ranting on the SDMB Pit thread. Guess it’s opinion and conjecture. I’ll put my trust elsewhere if you don’t mind.

I’m waiting to see one effort law enforcement tries to prevent terrorism with that people don’t bitch about. If you want to tag something with being a waste of resources, look into the random searches performed at the airport. My sister-in-law was searched 3 times while trying to take a flight. If my non-politically correct memory serves me right, the hijackers on 9/11 were all arab males, none matching the description of 6’ white female. The screeners are searching little kids and old ladies because it has to be random. What exactly in the fuck is that supposed to accomplish?

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I’m thinking of moving to Brave New World as soon as I can afford the ticket, but A Clockwork Orange is also nice at this time of year.

The almanac thing is just an additional thing to consider and investigate a little deeper, if the circumstances warrant.

Basically they’re saying “don’t overlook almanacs during a search.”

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Man, if this is what gets your gonads in an uproar, you have not been paying attention. This is so minor compared to the (by now) routine violation of civil rights in this country that I barely noted it. Compared to no-knock, no-notice invasion of your home to put bugs in your computer (by administrative warrant, so a judge doesn’t even have to see it no less), declaring almanacs the latest “evil, evil” thing is positively benign.