We made the threadspotting feature!

The jdavis thread has been memorialized on the front page of straightdope homepage… for a few days anyway, in the feature threadspotting. It’s entitled The Fine Art Of Sucking up. However I don’t think it is my best work as far as sucking up to superiors go but I am flattered that they chose it.

Thanks guys!!!

Do you suppose Cecil put it there? Well either way some of us have hit the big time. Please no autographs ( unless of course you are on the Straightdope staff. Kissy kiss kissy)

you are one strange person.
Also very entertaining.
for a suck up anyway.

I imagine that one of your threads will be featured again in due time, although you couldn’t have made it to the top without all us little folks.

Congrats, aha.

I’m green with envy.


You leave a mighty big footprint buddy.


OR my best friend

Are you using the royal “we” there aha? My, aren’t we getting stuffy!