We need rain!

My tomatoe plants are wilting; flowers are drying up. We need rain. Our town is under a water ban so no watering with the hose, just a bijillion trips with the watering can.

Rain was originally predicted for Tuesday, then Wednesday, now Thursday.

Are you mulched? It really helps a lot.

How did I know it was going to be southern Ontario when I saw the title?

We’re pretty dry down here in in Waterloo as well.

Some of the farmers have gone so far as to do some irrigation - even the old-order Mennonites are doing it, which is pretty extreme.

Rain will come soon though.

Toronto’s definitely got cooler temperatures than last week, but we need some of the wet stuff too. :frowning:

Things have been the same around here. Today’s rain once again was a no show. It would be great to get an inch a day for a couple days. The lawn will need it over a period of weeks, since it’s dormant and brown in a number of places already.

It’s time to start collecting the water drippings from the air conditioner for you.

You can have some of ours, it’s been tipping it down for a month over here. The forecasters reckon it will be sunny on the 15th, and then return to raining.
I think it’s because it was so dry and sunny and hot in April that I ordered a water butt. Doh! :smack: It’s rained ever since.

Yeah, I wish you could have some of ours. It’s pissing down here and it looks set to continue forever.

I’d like some rain, too.

However, I know for certain there won’t be a single drop here until late September at the very best. So forgive me for not rustling up too much sympathy.

We got a small amount last night! Now if we manage it a couple more times, but wait tomorrow it has to rain. Forth of July don’t ya know.

Have some of our’s! Here it is raining so hard that I may have to swim home tonight.

I can contribute some inclement weather, too. Last weekend (while I was attempting to move), it wasn’t just precipitating. It was, “the sky opened up and poured, the gods must be angry, it’s time to sacrifice a chicken” weather.

I can send you some from Texas. In fact, it is raining more buckets as I type. We’ve has so much rain here over the past couple of weeks that all of our impound lakes are flooded. You can have all you want but you pay shipping.

Please, take what Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of Kansas have been getting!

ETA: This thread is a counterpoint to the OP. .

I know you guys can’t get enough of the stuff, but you’re taking ours. The ground is all ready dry again.

It’s been a dry summer in Ottawa too. The weather forecast for last weekend (long weekend in Canada) called for 3 days of sunshine. It rained for a bit on All.Three.Days. So much for my plans to stain the front porch.