Living in Saskatchewan, I never thought I would say this, but ...

Lord, will you please stop with the rain?!?!?

It’s raining again.

Just like it’s been raining, on and off, since about May.

One of the wettest years on record in Saskatchewan, with crops failing because the ground’s too wet.

In Saskatchewan. Crops failing because too much water.

And now, it’s starting again, just in time to screw up harvest.

On a personal note, the rain has been delaying the landscape renos chez Piper all this summer, that were supposed to be done by the end of July.

And now it’s started again, likely stopping the landscaping again for a week while the ground dries out.

So, Lord, fun’s fun and all that, but could you please put us back to the semi-arid province that we’re all used to?

Many thanks.

There’s a song I sung as a child:

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan,
There’s no place like Saskatchewan
We sit and gaze across the plains
And wonder why it never rains
And Gabriel blows his trumpet sound,
He says, “The rain, she’s gone around.”

Maybe you should try it-eh? Kinda like an
Indian rain dance don’t you know?

Here’s what Ottawa’s been like:

So, overall not a bad summer here. July of 2009 was a record-breaker for precipitation though.

I concur with the OP.

Here in southern Alberta, we’ve certainly had far more than our share of rain and wind and so on, but nothing like you folks in Saskatchewan have had. And southern Ontario has been hot, sticky, and humid; with humidexes at time reaching into the mid-40s. (Which is what they were when I was there in early July.) The morning news tells me that Hurricane Earl may well head straight up into the Maritimes. Definitely unusual weather across the country this year.

I just hope winter is not unusual this year. The last couple of years, it hasn’t been normal locally, and has been completely unpredictable.

Ah, that’s where our rain from last year went! Last summer it rained 4/7ths of the time between the first week of May and the last of July, which is something I tracked on the national weather forcast page because I’m fussy like that. If you get this summer’s weather next year, you’ll be in for an unusually long and hot summer - it’s been in the 80s-90s nearly every day since May. Summer is my favorite season, so I’m happy. Other people are considerably less so.

Things are weird all over - we’ve gotten over 30ºC ONCE this summer - made it to 31 one day last week. Our furnace has been on since Friday, and hasn’t been off much all summer. This was after a long, cold spring. I’ve heard that Edmonton has had non-stop thunder storms this summer - we were there for one night, and surprise! wicked thunder storm.

Really? Hasn’t bothered me yet. I haven’t even encountered the underpass floods Regina is so well known for.

Well, okay, there was that one day where I thought my car would stall in the water…but seriously, it wasn’t anything like Regina people made it out to be.

You guys are getting Vancouver’s rain. You should probably give it back.

August’s been pretty poor over here too.

I guess you don’t want to hear this then:

You have this Vancouverite’s dampest sympathy.

No, didn’t need to hear that. I’ve got a golf game scheduled for this afternoon, and the weather report tells me that it may be cold and wet. More like late October than the first of September.

Leaffan, every time I turn on the Weather Channel, all we hear is Ontario’s weather. Yeah, we know. :slight_smile:

And the forecast keeps getting wetter. Yesterday it rained, but the rest of the week was to be sunny; today, the forecast is for rain for the next two days, then sun. I’m starting to doubt that.

Dammit, the Labour Day Classic is supposed to be played in sun, not rain! One of the last golden days of the summer, before we gird our loins for the onslaught of -30 weather in the winter. Not a soppy wet day.

Plus, there’s seepage in my basement, because the eavestrough guys are so busy that they’re a couple of weeks behind.

I wonder if any of the farmers in the south-east corner are investigating rice as a crop for next year…

Motorists Call for Help After Getting Trapped in Regina Rainstorm

Heavy Rain Hits Regina Hard

We were driving out to the lake after the game yesterday, and it was amazing - closest thing I’ve ever experienced like it was the tail-end of a hurricane in Newfoundland several years ago - this was worse.

Oh my God! I was out of the city this weekend, I had no idea the rain was that bad! Ugh.

Further north in the province, as it tends to happen, hail was the big problem. My uncle lost almost 40% of the crop to hail this year.

Wow–that Leader-Post report and photos were something. I will say that southern Alberta had heavy rains Saturday night, and they continued into Sunday, but we had nothing like that. I agree, after all the rain you’ve had this summer, you folks in Regina deserve a break.

We’ve had a glorious summer in Thunder Bay – lots of warm sunny days. Thanks for taking the crap weather off our back this summer.

Muffin I will agree with you about the weather in TBay being glorious… if it repeats next year when I will be working in an air conditioned modern building.

Working in the 1930’s era Arcitectural monstrosity that I do, the best we could do was open every window in the place and hope we caught some breezes off the lake. Usually on our wing there were none. By 8 am we were dripping soaked, and the patients were rowdy and miserable from lack of sleep.

Glorious, oh yes. In my car, beside a fan, at the beach or pool. Working days, not so much.