What happened to summer?

If I get up at about 7:30 tomorrow, so that I can go for a run and still get some homework in before my 10:30 class, it will be about 46 degrees out.

Well, damn, that drop below 50 happened real quick.

(But I’d be a dirty rotten liar if I say that the bliss of going for a run through empty mountain roads, overlooking most of the city was somehow not worth it.)

My husband scraped frost off his car window this morning before driving to work. Wah.

We had summer for a couple of weeks last month.

But you live in Canada, man. No one in Canada really expects summer for real, do they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Our winter temperatures have been down too. We’ve just had our coldest August in sixty something years.

And it’s just started to bloody rain too :frowning:

Naturally. I have a clothes line full of washing at home.

I’ll tell you a secret - the real summer worshippers live in Canada. It’s short and oh so sweet, and we love it dearly.

Summer’s heading south, where it belongs. And not before time, either. I’m completely fed up with single digit temperatures.

I know! It was only 95 F here today!

Cheers, from the Valley of the Sun!


I’ve been in San Diego for just over a month now. In that time, it’s been perfect blue sky with temperatures of about 76-80 every day, with lovely nights in the mid-60s. I have not seen a single drop of rain the whole time. Does this perfection ever get boring?

It did for me.

Summer has just arrived here in Ottawa. This past weekend, and the next few days, will be the hottest and driest it’s been all year. Global warming, my ass.

We had a mild August all things considered. It went over 90F only 3 times.

I like the cooler weather, so I’m glad fall is coming!

It rained most of the “summer” here but I did manage to take a couple of rain-free vacation weeks due to good luck.

However, I worked on home projects both weeks, but at least I wasn’t behind a desk :slight_smile:

Now, it’s low 50’s at night and high 70’s during the day. My favorite kind of weather.

I didn’t have a summer.

We had a limited summer here in Pennsylvania. No long hot spells, the “dog days of August” had a total of 8 days over 80, none over 90. 22 nights in the 50’s and 1 in the 40’s. It was miserable for swimming pools.

This summer has been very mild. Seems like it was Spring longer than usual. I’ve always liked cooler weather too.

But ask me again in February. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya know, as nice as that sounds I think I’d really miss the rain. I love a good storm coming through, one where you first hear the thunder, then everything starts to get dark, the wind picks up and then all hell breaks loose. I find that strangely… comforting.

Watching the national weather forecast the other day (we were glued during Gustav’s approach) I was surprised at just how cool much of the north and west is now and commented on the startling brevity of their summer. We’re still hot as heck, made somewhat worse as it always does by a passing hurricane.

Summer’s gone, yay! It gets way too hot for me around here, and I don’t handle it well. If it weren’t for the blessing of AC I think I’d have melted.