We regret to announce that due to

unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the publication of

The Astrological Magazine

will cease with the December 2007 issue.

I guess it was foretold in the stars.

It was the Equinox, I tells ya! It’s always the Equinox!


Nobody expects the Equinox.

It’s all that crap they’re sending up to the moon. Punching holes in the sky.

It serves 'em right, trying to put ass and logic in the same word. :wink:

Who else saw this coming?

But I guess I should have - the Pluto downgrade must have really hurt these guys.

My guess is that teh internets are siphoning off the magazine’s readers. This is the p0wning of the page of Aquarius.


Guess it wasn’t written in the stars, eh?

This reminds me of when a local psychic’s shop burned down. I wonder if she predicted it.

Or the time I saw posters advertising a psychic fair in Acton. I mean, WTF? They need to advertise it?

Or late night ads for psychic hotlines. Hey, if they know I have a problem that only they can solve, shouldn’t they be calling me?

Since they ceased publishing in December, shouldn’t that be the fault of the Solstice ? :smiley:

We tried, but you’re on the No-Call List! That’s your own fault, right there. :wink:

Sorry, you’re right. I should have predicted that.

No, see the Equinox put into motion the chain of events that led to the magazine’s demise. I’m sure the Solstice had something to do with it, but knowing the Solstice as I do, it didn’t want to get its hands dirty.


That’s what it wants you to believe ! BWA-HA-HA-HA

That’s because I dropped the milk. Now the whole floor is a mess.

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I remember seeing an interview with a shill for the Psychic Friends Network (Dionne Warwick, I think) after it went bankrupt, and the interviewer asked the obvious question: “Didn’t anyone see this coming?” You would almost think shit like this would make people lose faith in psychics. You know, if people were even minimally responsive to evidence and stuff.

Forwarded to the Bad Astronomer - look for it soon on his website