Wearing a bra after a mastectomy

I happened to catch Oprah today, and the topic was breast cancer. The first guest was Christina Applegate, who has had a double mastectomy (the first was a result of cancer; the second was proactive). She mentioned that she currently has some sort of temporary inflatable inserts, and will ultimately have permanent implants. She then stated that she’ll never again have to wear a bra.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but why wouldn’t a woman with breast implants have to wear a bra? Wouldn’t gravity eventually take its toll, the same as natural breasts? Or are they so secure that they’ll retain their shape and position indefinitely?

Yeah, they don’t move. Well, from what I can tell from my Mom’s boob job. Of course, hers was done about 25 years ago. Not only do they not move, they are hard as rocks. It is probably a bit different with the newer technology boobs.

sometimes the implants are placed under the pect. muscles, to help hold them in place (as there would be nothing else to anchor them to). they would not move or sag there after.