Women in space and gravity - Huh?

First off, I’d like to preface this question with the following disclaimer:

I am a total idiot.

That being said…

If a woman were in space, would there be the need for her to use a bra? No, right? Because with no gravity, her boobs wouldn’t be able to sag? Or am I totally out of whack on this?

They wouldn’t sag, no, but she’d still probably want to wear one for comfort, to keep them from knocking around as she did her work.

Probably no more than a male astonauts penis moves other ways than downwards. I`m sure they wear tight underwear to stop it flapping around just like a female would wear a bra to stop unwanted bouncing, which sudden movement would cause, gravity or no gravity. nice thought though! the bouncing i mean not the other.

“women ought not to be allowed in zero-gravity. It did things to their breasts that were extremely distracting to redblooded male astronauts. He was sure that more than on space accident had been caused by the passage of an unholstered femal fficer.”

– semiquoted from memory fro Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama.

Damn you CalMeacham! I was just going to post that very quote!! Great book, by the way.

Science magazine says breasts would rise in space.

Please, ladies: keep your breasts under control. Safety first!