Wearing an anniversary band

I originally asked this question in IMHO, because I thought perhaps there was no "right’ answer, but I didn’t get any feedback. So, with the hope that perhaps there IS a right answer…

If you get an anniversary band, how are you supposed to wear it? I found one UK Web site that seems to indicate that you wear it on your left ring finger, closest to your hand (i.e., anniversary band, wedding band, engagement ring). Someone told me that you wear it with your wedding band but in place of your engagement ring (that doesn’t make sense to me). My mother says you wear it on the ring finger of your other hand.

Is there any one accepted way to wear one? Does it matter?

I’ve tried Googling this, but didn’t find much. Am currently looking at some of etiquette books in the hope that it may be mentioned there.

Thanks for any input!

I’ve never heard of any set rules on where to wear your anniversary band. This site has some information.

FWIW, I always thought the wedding ring was always worn closest to the body (or heart). A friend of mine has an anniversary band that is designed to wear with her engagement ring, kind of like a super-duper ring guard.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply, DeVena - don’t know how I missed that Web site, but I obviously did.

Pfft. I chose an anniversary band as my engagement ring because I liked the style; I wear it on my right ring finger. Wear your ring however you want.