"Wearing hair"

Where did the phrase “wearing hair” come from? Such as “I’m wearing my hair differently today.”

And why do people say that to begin with? We don’t say “I’m wearing my arms differently” or “I’m wearing my face differently.”


What do you want them to say?

Hair isn’t like a limb, it’s able to be positioned, coloured and styled. IOW it can be worn.

And people have been referring to the wearing of faces since Shakespeare at least.

I have never heard someone reference their face as being “worn.” I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’ve just never heard it.

Allow me to fix this for you: 75,000,000 Google hits for “wore a * face”. Now, admittedly, lots of these are false positives (such as “wore a face mask” or “wore a veil over his face”). But among those results you will also see lots of instances of “wore a gloomy face”, “wore a brave face”, “wore a painted face”, “wore a poker face”, etc.

Never mind Shakespeare, or the 75 million references that psychonaut provided, are you telling me that in your entire life you have never heard “Eleanor Rigby” or “Put on a Happy Face”?

I am astonished.

Put on a happy face.


Unfortunately, I really, really don’t like the Beatles, so I don’t listen to their music.

Bear with me, I wrote that question at 2:00 in the morning. Tired, groggy, I was wearing an exhausted face.