Wearing high heels during rain

I live in Los Angeles and it’s been raining a lot here lately. I’ve noticed a lot of women wearing high heels when it rains. And I mean pretty high heels. They look like boots and I can only guess they don’t want to get their feet wet. But why boots with such high heels? It seems to me the risk of slipping is much greater with these type of shoes. Has anyone else noticed this? What’s up with you women?

Well, I pretty much live in boots with heels. I’m more comfortable in them, plus I have kind of weak ankles, and they have more support in boots. It’s hard to find attractive boots with small heels.

I haven’t ever noticed a problem in the rain. Ice, however, can be a problem. Especially with spike heels.

Depends on if you’re used to wearing heels, I guess–if you are, rain wouldn’t bother you overmuch. Some women wear heels all the time and know how to handle them when it rains.

I wish to heck I knew. Here in wintery, icy Calgary, I see women wearing spike heels all through winter. It doesn’t make one bit of sense to me. I just about go ass-over-teakettle in my nice, flat, sensible shoes.

Got the same thing happening in Montreal. At least it provides endless entertainment as I sit by a cafe window and watch stilettoed girls fall flat on their asses and slush up their designer jeans.