Weary of watermelon

…that’s about it. I was given a half a watermelon (not a very good one) and we are all kinda tired of eating it by now. Is there anything I can make with it, mix it with, put on it, to make it different? Otherwise, we will dutifully munch away at it like camels in the desert.

Seedless watermelon is a nice ingredient in fruit smoothies, in my experience.

Seed it, toss it in the blender, strain it and mix the juice with some 7-Up/Sprite type drink. Very nice for summer. Also goes good with lemonade.

No need to mix it with anything, for me, I’m a huge fan of watermelon juice. Blend with a little water and a little honey or sugar, pour over lots of ice in a tall glass. Enjoy with a fat straw.

Okay then, I think we may have covered all the liquid choices!

Ah, one of my favourite salads! Cut it into pieces, chop an onion (yes, raw. You choose what kind of onion to suit your tastes), mix them together with a grind or seven of black pepper, eat it with fresh bread and good butter. Don’t forget to use the bread to mop out the sweet/sharp juice in the bottom of the salad bowl. A really good meal for when it’s just too damn hot to eat. Also good with grilled meat or fish.

Watermelon sorbet. However, using the juice as is yields a very light flavored sorbet. It’s better if you reduce down the juice to intensify the taste.

It’s not changing the standard watermelon cube, but eat it with a savory dressing made of plain yogurt, black pepper, lemon juice and ground chipotle pepper. Maybe a little fresh basil too and top it with some big chunky salt.

Salad with watermelon, prosciutto, feta cheese, arugula, and a lemon-based vinaigrette.

This sounds fantastic. Tell me how you make your lemon-based vinaigrette please!

Pickled watermelon rind. Never made it, but what I had was good. Seems to be heavily sweetened. Don’t know what to do with the flesh though.

You could try pickling it. I had a pickled watermelon and (un-pickled) cucumber salad once that was quite tasty. Of course, I’ve never actually gotten tired of plain watermelon, either.

Tequila-Watermelon Punch

To make watermelon purée, put seedless chunks of watermelon in a blender and pulse, then push the purée through a mesh sieve to make it smoother. (Cutting a whole watermelon might make your kitchen look like a Gallagher set, so it’s O.K. to use precut watermelon from a supermarket.)

3 parts watermelon purée
1 part silver tequila
1/2 part fresh lime juice
Sliced jalapeño
Coarse sea salt
Agave nectar (optional).

1.In a large pitcher or bowl, stir together the watermelon purée, tequila and lime juice.
2.To sweeten, adjust with agave nectar.
3.To serve, pour into glasses over ice, top each glass with seltzer, a pinch of sea salt and slices of jalapeño.

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All interesting suggestions! I’ve tried making watermelon sherbert in the ice cream maker, but it was underwhelming. We might try the juice mixed with lemonade, or squeeze some lime and a sprinkle of sugar. Or even make watermelon margaritas.

Similar to corkboard, you can mix the puree with lemon, a little sugar, chilled club soda, limeade concentrate and vodka for a tasty punch.

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