Web designers: I need estimates for designing/building two sites

I need two Web sites, a very simple one for my new business, and another somewhat more complex one (that will include database queries) to replace the 20-year-old site (created with MS FrontPage) for my old business.

These are tasks that I might once have handled myself, but I’ve succumbed to old fartitude and put them off way too long and now just need to get them done.

Please PM me with info about your experience as a Web designer, a few sample sites you’ve designed, and what details you’ll need to provide estimates for my sites. I already have the domains and hosting arrangements.



What is your budget? There are so many variables, please provide any additional information.


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Do you still need a website? I know a web designer I can refer to you.

However, an easier route would just be to create a website using a website builder like hPage —> https://www.hpage.com since it basically has all the things you need and you just have to tinker and click the features here and there. They have business features for your website as well. It’s free but of course if you want a custom domain, custom business email address, and other upgraded features you have to pay. The paid package is pretty affordable as well.