Web enabled phone...what can I do with it?

I recently got a Sprint PCS Vision enabled phone. It’s got a tiny disply which among other things I can surf the internet with. Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere to go except for CNN-to-Go.

Technically I can browse to any web page but most are worthless since they aren’t formatted properly for display on the tiny screen and the not all that capable browser built in to the phone. I have tried searching around for web sites I can use with it and so far only found a few sites in Asia that seem to work well. Unfortunately I don’t read any Asian languages.

Anyone have a clue on something useful or fun to do with the thing or is it a gimmick that is next to worthless?

Put me down for “gimmick that’s currently next to worthless”.

According to Sprint, ESPN, E!, and the Weather Channel have PCS Vision-friendly web pages.