web pages for pets

Ok, I have officially joined the ranks of obnoxious nerdy pet owners who create web pages for their pets. . .
(this is the first pet I’ve had since I lived with my parents and I think I’m having 30-year-old-grad-student-with-no-real-children-feasible-soon syndrome)


Anyone else want to share their secret pride/shame? Can we have a brag about pets thread? Mine, aside from “Hi!”, “Murphy love you!” and “What are you doing?!,” does a really good cat meow imitation.

Murphy’s a purdy birdie.

We have a pair of budgies who disdain us; they prefer to groom each other, dance and sing, and the littlest one likes to regurgitate food for the big one. Not sure what that’s all about, but they seem happy as they are.

Here’s my dog’s outdated lame-o “1-2-3 publish” AOL website. He’s fourteen months old, and tomorrow (el cinco de mayo) we’ll celebrate one whole wonderful year together. He is our little angel-devil dog–I’ve got a million better pics of him than the one on the site but I won’t inflict them on you all.

Tahoe Whippet’s Web Page

Sometimes, it feels like my heart could just explode with all the love; we’re a lucky little family.

Awww… what a cute birdy wirdy!!!..

Murphy wanna cracker? Yes, he’s a pwetty boy…aren’t you sweetie…smooch smooch smooch smooch…


Look, my dog spends enough time online without you people finding websites he’d be interested in. :frowning:

What? Websites about pets?

Nevermind. :slight_smile:

Obnoxiously nerdy pet owners? Yeah, that’s us. :slight_smile:

Sing ‘n’ the Blue: Tenshi and Meep’s Furball Zone–

matt_mcl, Zazou and Littlefur are cuties! :slight_smile:

My wife made a website for our dog a long time ago:


Please give generously when the collection plate passes you.

Winterhawk-- Tenshi’s a Singapura! Yay! My advisor breeds these and they are totally swell (or DID breed them before his last girlie had to go though a lifestyle change recently; his parents apparently either found these cats in Singapore or cooked them up in a lab (reports vary?) and he got a couple for graduation to pay off loans or something). When I get a cat I want one. Economy size and very friendly and smart. You’ve got some cute kitties there.
Zazou is also very cute-- funny page, Matt.
All such cute animals. Yay. And some of your pages are WAY more cheesy/involved than mine, so I feel better.

Well to be fair to Mrs. Arken, she did make hers as part of a class where she was required to make a website.

Oh my lord, you all have great pages! Funny, total adorations of our pets - :). ** matt_mcl**, your page is beautiful. And I’m very partial to bird pages (love the almond shot, capybara.) I’m almost embarassed to post mine.


And this is a good place to celebrate my 1000th post with a show of
**The Web Presence of a Mean Green Flyin’ Machine **.

Who’s my big bad boy? My boo-boo woo-boo, whatashmoo-boo, little lovey-guy…ouch, stopbitingme.

Cute cats, dogs and birds! Meep is especially beautiful, I have always adored Russian Blues. matt_mcl you have really captured the spirit of cats on your page :wink:

My pages are in German, but the pictures should speak volumes. Unfotunately the server is a bit slow these days.

Here’s a shrine to my very first cat, Kröti. Unfortunately she died in 1999. In case anyone wonders, the lady in the one picture is my mom.

Here’s my current pride of hellspawn, Satan (black), Lucifer (black&white) and Greta (tabby with white). The other cats are “guest cats”. Just click on the thumbnail to see more pics.

Greta gets her name from Greta Garbo, 'cos she “vants to be alone” a lot. She was abandoned in an appartment complex and is still somewhat off kilter due to this experience.

We got all our cats from the animal shelter. They weren’t tame, so we had to spend weeks on the floor trying to coaxe them out from under the bed. Toy mice and goodies did the trick…

Mmm, dicke, saftige Katzen. . . hier, Mitzi mitzi mitzi mitz!
Isn’t that you call cats, at least in southern Germany/ Austria? (Instead of “kitty”) Cute kitties.
Bracy-- Brat’s a hoot! Very pretty-- I’ve never seen one of those. Australian sort of bird? I love the blue beak.

You’re right, it’s:

Mieze, miez miez miez

And yes, they are nice and juicy. When they are behaving badly we threaten them with the BBQ.

Their names are a problem, though. Our neighbours think we worship the devil. Maybe we shouldn’t have chosen Satan and Lucifer as name for the little black devils. :smiley:

My pages are more about greyhounds in general than my pets in particular, but I do have the obligatory cute pet page:


Warning: there is sound (“All You Need Is Love,” by the Beatles) embedded on the page. I’m too lazy to remove it, sorry!

Thanks! We think so too. :slight_smile:

Your advisor’s parents are the Meadows? They live in my childhood hometown (Ojai, CA) and I first encountered Singapuras back in the late '70s while working a short summer job as a teenager cleaning up after the cats. I’ve wanted one ever since.

I think they finally did manage to prove that the cats really are from the streets of Singapore and not cooked up in a lab from Abyssinian and Siamese parts. :slight_smile:

Winterhawk-- yep, I think he’s the younger son. I didn’t know they lived in Ojai-- I thought they were in Thousand Oaks or something like that, although I guess that’s not much of a difference (God, I could get so much personal dirt on him!). They’re great little cats-- you’ll sort of be standing around talking to someone and all of a sudden this little thing will climb you and sit on your shoulder, conveniently sticking its ass in your face.