Web Site Backup

I pay an online web hosting site and do all my own changes.

I have been wondering without an cause, about what would happen to all of my pages, information if this hosting site were to close down for some unknown reason.
Is there a way I could save everything so I could set up on some other system without having to start from ground zero?

The same way you back up any other files. You are keeping copies of this Web site’s files on your own computer, and backing them up when you do your regular backups, right?

I manage several Web sites, and they each have their own folder on my computer, with one subfolder containing the actual live, updated Web site files as they exist online, and other folders with code snippets, unused images, etc. These get backed up when I do my nightly backups. Not terribly complicated.

Also important to backup any database files. If you are using any sort of content management system (wordpress, grey matter, mambo, etc.), that’s where all of your content is.

I have a couple of screen shots of my web site and have never seen anything that leads me to saving anything.
Help please,
Your directions have to be very simplified as dos for dummies was over my head, I think(never read it):o
let me give you an example, when I place my cursor on sa that emotion or any button it used to show a dialog box of information. Although I like it being gone for scrolling through forums (i read to slow for those clips) I would like to have it on for other places and have scratched my head many times looking for what I know will be an easy fix.

This is very confusing - you started the thread asking about backing up your website, but your latest post sounds more like you’re now talking about the way your web-browser behaves when you’re using it to surf the internet?

It has an almost zen-like quality about it (his second post) because I have now completely forgotten what I was thinking before I read that post. My head is now empty.

It almost sounds like his host provides some sort of online site-building WYSIWYG software, but he doesn’t have a local copy. Like he’s not building his own HTML files; his pages are created at the host’s site, and not in a format that he can download, manipulate separately, etc.

But I’m not familiar with anything like that. Perhaps if the OP told us exactly what his host is, what browser he’s using, give us a more specific f’rinstance . . .

I open a control panel and it has a text builder in it that does the HTML thing.
I am using www.siterightnow.com,
My web site is www.Nashwauk.Net

Sorry about that second post, I was in a hurry this AM and added some unrelated drivel. This is all that I needed to say.

From the FAQ:

First step is to request and receive this access - then you can use any FTP program to download all of your website files to your computer for backup.

If, for some reason, that fails to pan out for you, there are alternatives - free programs that will scour your site and download the files for you (limited to files linked within the site).

I would have to have help as I do not know anything about File Transfer Protocol’s.
From what you were so kind to find, is there any reason for making a backup? Remember I was just speculating.
Say for some reason this company closed, would a backup of my site be usable on another host system?
I am extremely satisfied with what I have and I only struggle with sorting articles and graphics at times, and sometimes creating hot links as some java setting causes me troubles.

Thank You!

There’s never a good reason not to make a backup, in my opinion. Even though this company is providing a user interface to assist you in the development of your site, the files being created would be usable on another host system (your site consists, essentially, of some HTML files, a CSS file, and a collection of various images).

I would be more than happy to help you through the process of downloading your files via FTP; and if I’m not available, I’m sure there are others here on the dope that would volunteer as well.

You mention that you sometimes have difficulty when updating the site - have you considered switching to a less proprietary service than this host’s “web site builder”? One advantage to using a well known platform (Wordpress, as an example) is that will have a larger user base from which to draw support.

And, you’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

I am looking at the Wordpress and it is much less per month.
I need a calendar that will work with my Prayer Room Schedule and my host site falls short.
Thanks again, I will do some demoing tomorrow:)

Another advantage to a platform with a large community is that there are thousands of plugins available; and, if you can’t find one that does exactly what you want, you can usually find someone to write one for you at a reasonably low cost.

Also, Wordpress itself doesn’t need to cost anything. You can use their free hosting service (Wordpress.com) and only pay for the extras you want/need, or install the free version (from Wordpress.org) to any host that supports PHP and MySQL.

I’m not sure what you’re paying currently, but you can easily find decent hosting for $5-10/month.

My church website had a similar problem with using a proprietary online WSIWYG editor. I was brought in to design it, came up with a bunch of ideas, but actually figuring out how to do it on their software was too much for me, especially within the lousy 10 page limit. I wound up backing out, and it’s bugged me to this day.