Webcam not working right

I have an asus laptop and the webcam is only showing black. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the camera, the virtual camera programs and lifeframe. Still absolutely nothing…any ideas?

I don’t want to come off as too critical, but I have to lay it on the line.

You have not stated the OS, the connection type of the webcam, the software used or anything remotely useful to anyone trying to help you.

A lot of people like myself when they see a post like this will ignore it from then on. Past experience has taught us that anyone who doesn’t understand that giving the basic information is a must cannot be helped. They will not be able to understand and follow the advice given.

Please, if you want help, you have to act a whole lot less clueless.

I assume he means the built-in camera, and being an Asus laptop, some version of Windows. Did it ever work?

Asus comes with a built in webcam, the software is virtual cam and lifeframe, all of which I mentioned right there in the OP. It’s on windows 7 which is the only item you mention that I forgot to put in. If you didn’t understand what I said, you should have asked instead of coming across as clueless.

Yes, it used to work fine, I used it with Skype, yahoo messenger and just on its own with lifeframe. I did read that uninstalling all the USB controllers and letting them reinstall might help, but I’ve never done that.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Lifeframe for a third time and after another reboot, the damn thing is working now. I swear my computer hates me. I should go back to building them myself like I was doing 30 years ago.

Well, maybe not a laptop. :slight_smile: We’ve had an ASUS laptop for 3+ years now and love it. First got it when SO needed a laptop for her new job on military bases. While on her first assignment, it failed (think it was a heat issue somehow). She took it to BestBuy, they immediately replaced it and nary a problem since.

Not all laptops have built in web cams. “virtual cam” is a generic term and without capitalization doesn’t look like a product name. “lifeframe” I did take to mean a product of some type, even without the capitalization. But without more info as to what you were using it for? Streaming? Chatting? Recording?

Note that I cut myself off. I didn’t go into other deficiencies of the OP.

Then if you have a problem, just ask for clarification or additional information you want instead of sounding condescending or just don’t reply. Thank you.

Now hit him with your laptop!