Website Down

I have the SD bookmarked. The bookmark URL is simply However when I use the bookmark, I noticed that recently, a lot of time it’ll lead me to a page saying that the SD is down for maintenance. If I simply type in into my address bar or visit the SD via Google and not my bookmark, I can always get to the site just fine. What’s up? :dubious:

Maybe the bookmarked page is linked to a cookie gone bad.

Sad to say, until we get this corrected there will be times when you try to access the board in any number of ways and you will not get there.

As Ed said “it appears we have outgrown our current server capacity.”

And llike Ed also said, “Till then we request your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Clear your internet cache.

There were database errors which took it down for about 20 minutes around 12.30 am CST this morning.

This is the correct answer.