Website selling weird exotic meats - is this for real? (and don’t even get me started on that stupid URL with the phone number in it) is a site which, as you might imagine, peddles meat from exotic animals. The website design is pretty decent and the photos of the animals and the meats available are fairly professional looking. Some of the meats and prices are more or less reasonable - 5 lbs of alligator for 59.99, $32 for a whole “Chukar partridge,” 16-oz impala steaks for $99.99 - this does not seem that odd.

But then they have some meats that are just outrageously pricey.

Bontebok, a type of antelope, is $99,999 (!) for a dressed carcass. Eland is slightly more affordable at $9,999.

Lion meat is $299 for a pack of steaks.

Here’s the testimonial on the lion meat page:


Would someone care to explain all this?

Hydesville Community Church Pastors

Looks like a real guy gave the review.

Did they have any long pig on the site? :wink:

For $100k, I will personally deliver you some Bontebok steak, in fact I will give you the who carcass! I am sure I could go to South Africa, hunt a common antelope and package it and send it back to the US for probably less than $10,000–giving me 90% profit!

I’m guessing they’re using 99,999 as a placeholder value in the database on the back end of the site.
They have market data for their wholesale cost on Rattle Snake, but not on Bontebok. If they get an order at 99.9K, they’ll be glad to fill it, but for right now, that’s their way of saying ‘unavailable’ until they get a reasonable wholesale quote on Bontebok from a trustworthy supplier.
Some other e-commerce sites will do similar things. It’s one way to save the hassle of reformatting a page when you’re out of stock…

As a marketeer, I think it’s very clever. I have instant recall for it, cheesy and tasteless as it is.

Cannibalism would surely be illegal, but maybe they could get ahold of some Long Horse. (oh jeez, turn “safe search” on before google image searching that)

Cheesy and tasteless? You clearly haven’t been to their burger page … cheesy and tasty.

I’d love some horse meat but don’t see it. I hear it’s in Canada, and lean and better for you than beef, but our supposedly “free country” USA made even slaughterhouses illegal a few years ago for no reason. I had not heard you can’t even eat this good meat here however. Does anyone know of a source for horse meat?

They have “bear-elk” burgers. Is that bear and elk meat mixed, or a bear that ate an elk, or what?

Yeah, but they don’t have worm hamburgers or kangaroo hamburgers like McDonalds! :smiley:

Pulling up a lawn chair and waiting for the inevitable comment about this.

“Do they have dead parrot?”

See: tur-duc-hen

Maybe it’s elk burger to feed to your bear!

Bill: What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, WITH the tunafish? Or… hold it! Chuck! I got it! Take LIVE tuna fish, and FEED 'em mayonnaise! Oh this is great.

Naw, ‘e’s jus’ restin’. . . . . would you like a slug?

(Emphasis mine). And another “Grinch” question is resolved – what was the ‘roast beast’ in question in the chidlren’s book? :wink:

A bear elk burger would obviously be from an undressed carcass! :wink:

Whether it’s real or not…

The site is registered to Anshu Pathak. Googling him or the business phone number (951-657-7299) indicates that he owns:

Gourmet Foods
130 W Walnut Ave
Perris, CA 92571

He certainly seems to be active in the food biz.

You clearly have been working the NightShift too long. :wink: :eek:

What is best way to cook a small kid?