Wedding Dance - Dad & Daughter - need suggestions fast!

One of our daughters is getting married :::gulp::: next week and we need quick suggestions of what would be a nice song for her father and her to dance to. Both of them enjoy classical, old rock, and light country music. Give it your best shot please!

Tony Bennett’s Waltz for Debby is a lovely song for a father/daughter dance at a wedding.

Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” is always a classic.

Kenny Rogers - “Through the Years” is nice.

Mr. Stuff’s cousin got married a couple of years ago and their father/daughter song made me cry, it was so gorgeous. It’s “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon, and it’s all about love and loyalty and good memories. It made me miss my father terribly. I won’t post all the lyrics for fear of being mod-slapped :wink: but just a couple of the lines are:

I think I need to go somewhere and have a little weepy-weep all over again.


Delilah Gets Married, from the Doug Suite, by Uncle Bonsai. Might be hard to find a copy on short notice, though.

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Well, there’s always Afternoon Delight.



If the daughter is moving or lives far away

I’ll be seeing you
If not then perhaps

Bridge over Troubled Water
Que Sara Sara

Lionel Richie’s Ballerina Girl

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
It’s creepy on just so many levels.
Second choice: Thank Heaven For Little Girls

This was my “father-daugher” dance at my wedding. I have always liked that song and Louis Armstrong is one of dad’s favorite musicians.

Mr. Geek danced with is mom to Dean Martin’s “your Nobody Until Somebosy Loves You”

These are great suggestions :slight_smile: Thanks and keep them coming please!

Jimmy Durante comes to mind. Like “Young at Heart” or “Make Someone Happy.”

I don’t really care for Celine Dion, but her song “Because You Loved Me” is a nice one.
It’s a love song from some movie, but the words translate nicely into a father-daughter dance.

I danced with my Dad to “My Girl.” At the time, someone also suggested “Unforgettable” as an alternative – that ended up being the mother-son dance.

Surely Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid”? :smiley:

I was thinking “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks

My father and I danced to that one, too.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned “Sugar Daddy” by CJ Boland.