Weekly Comic Book Discussion 6/15/2006

Here it is. Excellent issue of Fables this week, wrapping up a lot of plotlines - unfortunately, thanks to shipping errors, I did not get my copy of Superman or Exiles this week.

Civil War #2: My gosh, Peter. What have you done?

All I got was 52 #6, which I thought was a boring waste. I may drop it now.

Man, I will never understand you. :slight_smile: The blackboard! This is totally the comic world’s answer to the TV sensation Lost.

Ex Machina Special #2 – Most of this issue was a wrap-up of a big fight, which is rarely anything too interesting. But the story had been bookended by Mitch in a radio interview in which he was sandbagged by a question about the death penalty, and he gave the most fantastic answer I’ve ever seen.

Captain Adam: Armageddon #9 – Sort of by-the-numbers. If they wanted the Wildstorm Universe to be a less scary supers-dominated place to live, then they could have just started writing stories like that. I hate this whole impulse that says if you don’t likehow gritty the stories get, the answer is to write a big miniseries in which some beloved characters get killed (why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?), and then have a cosmic reboot. Dude, just write different stories! This had been an intereesting series for the first few issues, but the last two or three have consisted solely of Atom whining that they shouldn’t kill him, and the Authority deciding that they should. And, while I haven’t read much Wildstorm since the end of The Authority’s original Ellis/Millar run, they seemed too bloodthirsty here. The idea of the original Authority, as I saw it, was that these people with such noble aspirations found themselves becoming despots because they felt there was no choice. Not that they were assholes in the first place that reveled in their ability to take over the world.

Green Lantern Corps #1 – This a good issue that shows a lot of potential, but it’s still got a ways to go before that potential is realized. Patrik Gleason’s art is more attractive than it has been, but it seems like his storytelling is getting worse. Maybe iut’s just because there’s a lot going on in this issue. And the thing is not boring, which I consider a triumph in itself for Dave Gibbons, who I always have found (like Geoff Johns) a writer with interesting ideas but who can’t execute with much drama. Like I said, Gibbons seems to have improved on that scome IMO. Finally, Gibbons has to be careful in who the Corps supports; for intstance in this issue they back the ruling clan of a violent planet which admittedly became the ruling clan by being the most violent kids on the block in the past. He does a hand-wave about it here, but if the Corps really is going to support the a non-tyrannical ruling class over popular uprisings as a rule because the Corps likes order, then they really are the fascists that some have complained about in the past. All that said, I enjoyed this, and I expect that I’ll enjoy it more as time goes on. But we shall see.


Checkmate #3: International politics. Waller is a badass. Alan vs a guy with a pointy stick. Everbody hates Fire. Oh, and nice cross-promotion with this week’s 52. This one’s a winner, folks, check it out.

Green Lantern Corps #1: Pretty good. I’m hoping this book settles into a sci-fi police procedural, eventually. Wonder if SB’ is still in his cage? Anyway, the best part of this book was what came with it.

Because I bought GLC #1, and because I have the ability to overcome great fear, my comic shop, as representatives of the Guardians of the Galaxy, gave me this

Beware my power, bitches.
Once I figure out how to get this stupid thing to work

JLA Classified #22: It’s not awful, but I’m done here. There’s enough really interesting stuff out there right now that I don’t need to buy mediocre stuff just because it says “JLA” on the cover.

52 Week 6: Did I mention that I like politics with my superheroes? Because I really really do. This thing is coming off amazingly well, although I’m not really loving the History backup. I wish they’d just started at the begininng and worked downward.

Superman #653: Amazing, they made a purple suit for Luthor that didn’t look like crap. Quote of the week: “I hate you. God, I hate you.”

UPS failed to pick up most of Texas’ shipments from Diamond this week, so everything’s a day late here. Thanks, UPS! What can Brown screw up for you?

Awesome. My engagement ring was a plastic replica of Alan Scott’s ring that came with an action figure. And I WORE it! It was a real conversation piece with the ladies at work, let me tell you. And I never figured out how to make it work. If I had, you’d all be well aware of it. :smiley:

52 # 6 - I really liked it. For one thing, the Chinese heroes actually have names that sound like they were devised in China. I’m really glad to see a less America-centric DC Earth. Rip Hunter’s hideout was a thing of beauty, with many references to other subplots, like the Question-Montoya one. I was NOT happy to see that Booster has taken to staging his fights; I enjoyed him as genuinely heroic even if somewhat self-interested. I hope we discover he’s doing it for some deeper reason (e.g., to make history look the way Skeets tells him it should look?) rather than that he’s ripped off El Hombre from Astro City.

The “History” thing had better tell us something we didn’t know soon; the waste of paper that it’s been so far pisses me off.

I emailed my comic shop about the GL ring - I got GL Corps and enjoyed it, but I thought something special was required to get the ring. But then I saw a bunch at the town’s other comic store. If I missed out because of some incompetence on the part of my regular store - well, I have an alternative I can turn to.

Good week, as my most anticipated comic’s debut arrived. May I advise you all to pick up a copy of Hector Plasm?

Yeah. I have to give Mark Millar some props for how he set all that up. You knew what was coming, but it still managed to feel surprising. Jonah’s reaction was utterly perfect. Can’t wait for part 3.

Did the ring come with a battery? If not, that might be the problem.

No kidding. I really didn’t think he’d go through with it.

This was a ballsy move on Marvel’s part. On the one hand, it violates decades of history with regard to their flagship character. On the other hand, it was a bold move and the setup was done very well.

Holy cow.

Anyone care to spoil Civil War #2 for me?

Peter Parker outs himself on telvision

Only two books for me this week, Civil War #2 and Fables #50.

Fables was a great smack back at the adversary. And I like that Willingham gave his characters a chance to be happy for a while. I think we mostly know that happiness in a dramatic narrative like Fables can’t last but I enjoyed it a lot.

And the preview of the new ‘Jack of Fables’ book was enough to make sure I’ll get it next month, believe me. “Ensemble books are for losers!”

I also liked Jack’s t-shirt on the preview, but I’m staying away from that book like it’s contagious. Every issue of Fables I’ve read is enjoyable except when Jack starrs, in which case they’re boring, stupid, and um, just plain sucky. I’m glad that his ability to bring down the room is now ghettoized on its own so I can still enjoy the main title without having to read about Jack.

I got a GL ring in 1994 (although I like this design a little better, more’s the pity). So far, nuthin’.

Candid, the ring was a promotion given to stores to do with as they see fit. I tihnk the number they get was based on GLC orders, but it’s up to the store as to whether they want to give it out for people who bought GLC, or if they wasnted to do something else with it.


Outs himself as Spider-Man, just so there’s no confusion there. Mary Jane and Peter are still happily married.

Question for my fellow comic fans: Is it me, or is the Nightwing in Outsiders light-years better than the Nightwing in his own book? Outsiders Nightwing has stones that cannot be compared. The other one just seems to have no fire in his belly. And the new revelations seem pointless:

Now there’s THREE Nightwings: Dick, Jason Todd, and some meta supermodel Dick’s been sleeping with. Why? Got no problem with a female 'wing, but this is just gratuitous.