Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/23/2007

Here 'tis.

Superman #666 was interesting, and I’m always glad to see the Stranger.

Countdown looks like its about to move Piper and Trickster’s story into high gear.

Invincible was solid as always.

Bomb Queen’s third miniseries wrapped.


Birds of Prey was okay, except for a MASSIVE continutity error. At one point, Barbara asserts that Shado is Connor’s mother, having drugged Ollie and pretty much raped him while he was unconscious. This all happened, except Ollie’s son by Shado is Robert, and he’s still a little kid.Connor was born way before Ollie and Dinah ever met. Where the hell was the editor? This really isn’t offsetting the lametastic ending of the Black Canary mini from last week.

Green Arrow was good, and adds some insight into some of Ollie’s issues relating to later events in his life.

Countdown continues to underwhelm.

Batman continues to be a hoot, and Astonishing X-Men was fine. I have no big X-love, but I enjoyed the reveal of the mole, and his reasons, and the look in his eyes – hilarity! and Kitty and Peter’s interactions, which have been the best parts of this run.

I haven’t read anything else yet.

Blue Beetle #18: “Also, this is my first green girl.”

And you just can’t go wrong with Lobo.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #33: Ok, while I loved how Tenzil took down the issue’s villain, I’m not sure I like Mekt shifting from “ruthlessly pragmatic warrior” to full-on villain Still, how cool is Matter-Eater Lad?

Superman #666: Even in his dreams, Superman is a dick! Lots of fun. And what’s with the Ice Cream and Pickles? Just dream logic, or something else?

Green Lantern Corps #15: They’re doing an awesome job letting everyone in a pretty big cast get screen time here. Very cool war story.

Blue Beetle #18: Tons of fun. Rogers gets the Titans just right, and it’s fun to watch Jaime’s pals react to them.

Batman #668: I’m really liking this twisted tale. This is much better than the early stories of Morrison’s run. He’s playing to his strengths here, I think.

Birds of Prey #109: Ah, crap. They got her. I knew all of her ilk was being exterminated, but I had hoped her relative obscurity might let her slip through the cracks. I really liked her. Ah well, at least it promises some interesting consequences. For a temp, and for screwing up the BC miniseries so badly, this was pretty good. Loved the Sin/Misfit/Barda interplay.

Countdown #36: Given the glacial pace this book had in earlier issues, this is an odd criticism, but too much, too soon on Mary. OTOH, I did like the Trickster’s fast talking on Ivy.

Astonishing X-Men#22: Did not work for me. Maybe I’ll like it more once I reread the earlier issues, and remind myself of some of the finer plot points, but I found it a bit hard to follow. It’s simply been too long. Also, I look at the last page, and all I can think is: Oh yeah, like that’s gonna last.

New comic day is giving me some major cognative dissonance: I’ve got a job that gives me lots of disposable income… but because of that job, I’m still working by the time the store sells out of that week’s hot comics. But. The guys who bought them all up? are still sitting in the store hours later when I’m off work, complaining that they have no cash.

So, no Green Lantern Corps for me this week. :frowning: But finally got the last Green Lantern, which they’d sold out of two weeks ago. sigh

Countdown #36 - Acceptable, not spectacular. I’m beginning to hear “dun-dun-dunnnnn!” sound effects in my head because they keep doing that “menacing figure lurking off camera” thing.

Superman #666 - Okay filler, always nice to see the Stranger. And, Good Lord, “Camelot Falls” still isn’t over? Penultimate the Hell.

Birds of Prey #109 - Somebody help me out here, my Fourth World-fu has failed: is Goggles Guy supposed to be somebody we recognize?

Supergirl & the LSH #33 - Tenzil Kem lawyering apparently can’t go wrong with me.

Blue Beetle #18 - Was fun, and had the Titans… cognative dissonance, again. Hopefully when Jamie shows up in the Titans it won’t suck all the fun out of him, too.

What, your comic book store won’t save things for you? All the regulars at my local shop have a box/pigeonhole behind the counter, and the owner keeps a database of who wants what. When his orders come in, he puts the appropriate titles into the appropriate boxes, and only then does he put the remaining stock out on the shelves. When I walk in, he says, “Hi Rik! You’ve got a few things this week!” and reaches into my box and hands me my stack of stuff.

You might want to look into that :cool:

Yeah, they’ll hold stuff, if they know what I’m looking for, and if they know which store I’d be stopping at. The Fantasy Shop has several stores in the St. Louis area, and there are different ones on my way home depending on which way seems best traffic-wise. Some weeks it’s Malplewood, others Kirkwood.

When they know I’ll want something – like the All-Star Superman trade hardback – they’ll hold it even if I don’t ask. Which is nice.

Can anyone spoil this for me? Thanks!

Cable and Deadpool I laughed out loud when Deadpool made reference to Wolverine performing songs from Boy from Oz. Just another example of why this is the one of the most under-appreciated books out there.

Countdown I did NOT see that last page coming. I’m in.

Iron Man This story arc has kind of lacked focus but at least there’s an honest-to-God bad guy in this one instead of hero-on-hero action.

The Spirit Really dark and spooky stuff. I love how every book is it’s own stand alone story. A new reader can jump on at any time and not be lost. However, being thrown right into the middle of the story takes some getting used to.

Cyclops goes on a suicide run in a small spacecraft to hold off the Warlord’s fighters long enough to let the rest of the team reach the moon where the giant missile aimed at Earth is parked. His ship is blown apart and he’s spaced. He even gets a “flashing before your eyes” montage.