Weekly Comic Book Discussion 9/12/2008

A little late, but here it is. New Booster Gold this week! and Wonder Woman! And GL Corps!

Booster Gold - strange, strange story. I’m not sure how this works - in the original time-line, the little guy is successful, and endows the hospital where Thomas Wayne works. Then for some reason, Rip decides Booster needs to interfere, and this interference messes that up. So Booster needs to un-mess it up…why did Rip want Booster to get involved in the first place??

Final Crisis: Revelations # 2: Amazing. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the idea of a “Spirit of Mercy” floating around (where was someone like this all the rest of the time the Spectre was on the loose?) and the Abraham parable sounds very “off” to me, but I love the idea that Vandal Savage is “the First”, I’ve been loving the whole Renee-Question-Crime Bible story overall, and this seems to genuinely tie in to Final Crisis, unlike some of the more loosely-connected ones that I bought. Which brings me to…

Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge # 2: Also a very good story. Great character moments. I’m not regretful about buying this series (though I don’t generally buy Flash), but despite Libra’s obvious involvement, tacking on the “FC” connection was deceptive. Though not as much so as the “FC” on Legion of 3 Worlds.

Revelations - If Vandal is Cain, who was his Abel, I wonder. God’s motives in the guiding of the Spectre and Spirit of Mercy is baffling me…but, you know, that’s God for you.

Booster Gold - For a time travel story, this is remarkably easy to follow. As cmkeller says, it doesn’t actually make any sense how it started, but now that it’s on the move, it follows itself well.

NYX - I really love Tatiana’s power. That is all.

Wonder Woman - Queen of Fables returns. Win. I love Movie!Diana’s costume…it’s hilarious. Random comment… I ended up reading the 2004 Superman Secret Files which was Tom’s first appearance after his ‘death’ in Catwoman. The fact that in that story, Tom is helping frame Sarge Steel for an attempt to kill Amanda Waller really puts Tom and Sarge’s appearances in Wonder Woman right now in an interesting light.

Transformers Animated - The Arrival - I’m really enjoying this book. The Starscream backup story in this issue was my favourite part, although the first story, involving Bumblebee and one of Detroit’s superheroes, was interesting as well. Bumblebee just keeps ruining people’s lives by accident… I still like the little punk, though.

The Stand - Pretty good so far. One thing that rather amuses me…most of the art suggests the story is set in the here and now - the clothes, the glasses, the hairstyles… But check the prices at the Texaco in Stu’s scenes. Less than a buck fifty a gallon.

Booster Gold - I’m finding this arc to be merely solid. After Johns’ brilliant and great run on the series Dixon is having a hard time following through with it I think. The charm is in the air but he isn’t quite grasping it. Things that should be funny are not. I’m just not sure he’s really getting the character. His issues dry up soon anyways.

Wonder Woman - After her last arc I like this little funny breather. I laughed quite a bit, Simone has a way with humor and I think this is because she plays off Wonder Woman’s straight-woman attitude and Tom’s confusion at the whole ordeal. Really good issue.

Green Lantern Corps - I’m really digging this arc so far. The Mongul arc wasn’t quite up-to-par but this one has so far been really good. Moving at a strong pace and I like the new Lantern, Sareek. Tomasi has proven to be a competent/good writer with this and Nightwing(though his current Nightwing arc is nearly as good as his Freefalling one from before.)

Haven’t got around to reading the new Final Crisis: Revelations issue, but the first one was great. Also sorry for the lack of Marvel, jsut none of the Marvel stuff I’m currently following comes out this week.

Trinity #15 - I’m a bit surprised we’re moving to a resolution of this phase so suddenly, but I’m not complaining. And finally Carter is thinking in addition to smashing.

FC Revelations #2 - Is the Radiant someone who’s been in the DCverse before that I just missed? Anyway, seems this title has progressed a bit further along the Final Crisis than the FC title itself.

Wonder Woman #24 - I’m liking the whacky peeks into WW’s personal life, and it’s about time someone started expanding on her lackluster rogues’ gallery.

Booster Gold #12 - Maybe not as fun, and the plot requires some buy-in… but still more entertaining than most other books.

GL Corps #28 - Nice to have the plot in this moving forward, while GL is stuck in flashbackland.

Light haul this week.

Dragon Prince #1 - This is Firebreather taking itself too seriously. Standard first-issue origin story and nothing terribly exciting happens. Pass.

FC: Revelations #2 - I’d like this a lot better if it was just Rucka exploring the implications of the Specter and Mercy and revisiting Montoya and Allen. As it is, it’s not bad, but my eyes glaze over when the other FC stuff starts creeping in.

Invincible #52 - Interesting dilemma with Kid Omniman turning the bad guys du jour into bloody red chunks. I’m eager to see how this develops.

How so? We saw the entire world - including Batwoman (probably)*, who is only just Anti-Lifed at the end of this issue - thoroughly Anti-Lifed in the last quarter of the last issue of FC. The last third of this issue brings us up to the early stages - IE, just after the Flashes disappear, and well before they reappeared. The awakening of the Cain in Vandal is more or less coincident to Mokkari releasing the Anti-Life email, based on when the Anti-Lifed cops showed. (And from what Renee said, it HAS to have come first, if they weren’t at the same moment.)

It’s moving FASTER relative to its own run than FC is, but a shorter run (5 issues as opposed to 7), starting later (by 2 months), and being a side story means that more or less goes without saying. And, if it continues to cover as relatively a short a period of time, it’s going to end well before the point that the last issue of FC did.

  • Last page, once the Flashes land in the future (IIRC, Grant has said that it’s 2 months in the future, thus the 2 month gap in the publication of the series), they run into 4 Anti-Lifed characters - Wonder Woman, who’s been subjected to the Komandi disease as well, Catwoman (who looks almost exactly like she does now), Giganta (presumably…it’s a giant woman, and there aren’t that many of those in the 20th century DCU), and a 4th, who looks to be Batwoman - it’s hard to tell with the red wash to the page’s colours, but she has a bat-like motif to her costume, and her mount’s barding. It could also be other characters**, but Kate’s the most likely in most people’s minds.

** My first idea was Black Canary, because of the gag, until the bat motif was pointed out.

I had meant the Anti-Lifeing and Caine showing up… but of course, I’d forgotten that the Flashes had ended up in the future, anyway.

Which, come to think, really doesn’t bode well for Montoya.