Weekly Comic Book Thread--Interest?

Just curious. I don’t at the moment actually follow enough that I’ve got something for each week of the month, but as I pick back up with the various Fables titles and potentially add others, I’m sure I will. And while I’m not personally big on the Marvel/DC supers for various reasons, I wouldn’t mind watching others chat about 'em. For all I know, this has been done in the past and petered out, but let me know. I’d be happy to be in charge of starting the thread, whee.

I haven’t had a monthly comic on my pull list since September, when DC cancelled my trifecta of Legion, Threshold and Dial H. But when the new Sandman issues come out, I’ll be happy to participate.

There used to be a weekly comic thread on here a few years back but I guess it petered out.

I am a drooling comic book geek, and spend…uh…way too much money on the damned things. I love 'em so!

My favorite: Gold Digger from Antarctic Press. Extremely “high-entropy” science-fantasy – the kind of scale where they sometimes slam galaxies together. And meanwhile live ordinary lives in Atlanta. At times hilarious, at times so effectively sentimental it’s moved me to tears. Brilliant writing, mixed art.

Jonah Hex is being good. Anything by Palmiotti is worth a look.

Revelations and Dead Boy Detectives, two new series, look very promising.

Revelations involves a London detective who has been brought in to investigate a death (murder?) at the Vatican.

Dead Boy Detectives are – yeah. Two ghost boys who solve mysteries. Good writing, deft handling of supernatural themes.

I could go on…

Sure, I’m in.

Revelations isn’t a new series - it’s a reprint of a series originally published by Dark Horse in 2005. (It IS very good, and theirs rumours that the reason Boom! is reprinting it as a monthly is that they intend to continue it…but so far those are only rumours.)

And, while Dead Boy Detectives is a new series, it’s not TOTALLY new - the characters first appeared in Sandman, and had their first title in 2001.

I am definitely in the presence of a greater fan than myself – and that’s going some! Thank you! I somehow must have missed Revelations when it first came out, and have simply forgotten the dead boys from Sandman.

Memory is the second thing to do…

My favorite comics character is Marvel’s Spiral. Ah, them arms!

I’m a born again comic reader; Fables, mentioned in the OP convinced me to pick them up again after many years and the iComics format for iPad makes it easy to carry a couple of dozen around.

The oldies but goodies can still be found online, The Phantom, Asterix, the marvelous New Zealand strip Footrot Flats…

I’m not sure they should substitute for print books, children should be directed towards these once their interest in comics is aroused.

banjopatterson: whoo! Footrot Flats online? Link, please? I just searched, and didn’t find it. I did find that the books were up to number 27, which floored me! I’ve only got 1 - 6!

(And I adore Paterson and others for poetry. I’ve got a lovely big old book of Australian Bush Ballads. Mighty fun!)