Ween is no more

I’m apparantly not up to date.

My favorite band Ween has broken up: Linky.

Any other fans of Dean and Gene here? I’m sorry I never got to see them live. :frowning:

Ween was still?

Well, yeah. Last studio release was 2007 though. But still…

I was never a huge Ween fan but I did see them at Austin City Limits Fest in 2003. They were definitely interesting. I have some friends that love them, though. I know one guy who has a Ween tattoo.

I’ve been a huge fan for 18 years (since Pure Guava), and was bummed but not altogether surprised to hear the news when it broke a couple of months ago. I got to see them live a dozen times or so in that time though, and am happy that I was finally able to convince my girlfriend to see them for the first time last year before this happened.

I expect a reunion at some point in the future. Their catalog will keep earning them new fans, and once they realize their solo projects and fishing businesses aren’t as fulfilling as they hoped, Boognish will rise again and draw them out of retirement. Just like what happened with the Pixies, who’ve now been doing reunion tours longer than they were together the first time around.

They are finally pushing the little daisies up?