Weight loss surgery dopers: I'm coming!

I know there are a number of dopers who’ve had weight loss surgery. On May 24th, there’ll be one more!

I’ve been investigating weight loss surgery as a possible solution to my morbid obesity for about two years now. The deciding factor was talking to Opal at a Dope Fest in Ohio about her surgery. She told me all about the duodenal switch, and that her insurance had paid for it! In November of last year, hubby started a new job with the Federal gov’t, and one of the factors in choosing the health insurance that we did, was the likelihood that it would pay for me to have the ds. I knew they still might deny me, and I might have to fight. I was prepared for that.

I saw a weight loss surgeon in Baltimore about three weeks ago, and we discussed why the ds was the best surgery for me, and he said he’d submit the letter to my insurance co. requesting coverage. I told him I was prepared to fight them on it if they denied me. But they didn’t! A half an hour ago, the phone rang, it was the doctor’s office telling me I’d been approved! I have a surgery date of May 24th, and I’m so excited about this opportunity that I can hardly stand it!


Congratulations on your decision. Personally, for me, it was the best decision I ever made. You’re probably aware of the site, but www.obesityhelp.com is the BEST online resource for information & support.

Good luck with your journey!


Best wishes on the surgery. I had lap-band surgery in May 2003 and it really changed my life for the better. People who have never been morbidly obese don’t realize how painful it can be in many ways, physically and emotionally.

Glad to hear you’ve been accepted. All insurance companies should do it just as a matter of course.

So…how long is the recovery? How soon will you see tangible results? Is it very painful? I hear you get sick for a while until you figure out how much food you can eat in a sitting. How long does that generally last?

I’m very familiar with that website, and have gotten some good information there. However, I’m a more frequent visitor at duodenalswitch.com, which, as the name implies, is devoted to the particular surgery I’m having. Over at OH, there seems to be some sort of weird competition between some people (“My surgery is better than your surgery!” “Is not!” “Is too!”), with little comprehension by some folks that what’s right for you is not necessarily right for me! :rolleyes:
I’ve read some stuff on the boards about your amazing transformation! Yay for you! :cool:

Bah! You can say that about a thousand more times!

It’s my understanding that for the first two weeks or so, I’ll probably wish I was dead, and regret ever having done such a stupid thing. After that, it gets better rapidly. By two to three months out, I should pretty much know what my new tummy can and cannot tolerate, and be back to work and full functioning. I’ve been researching this for quite some time, so we’re all very well informed. Ever since I decided to definitely pursue it, I’ve been making sure my husband is well-informed, too, so he’s on board with everything. I’m blessed that he’s very supporive about all this, and not squicked out by open wounds, bandages, blood, etc. :wink:

It may not be that bad. If you’re having laparascopic surgery, you may be surprised at the lack of surgical pain - I know I was. I made them pull up my gown in recovery & show me the little incisions. I had zero pain & thought they had not done the surgery. You will likely have gas like a mofo - walking is the bst thing for that.

I was out for 4 weeks; I probably could have gone back in two, but my surgeon requires 4 weeks out. I’m glad I stayed out; it helped me get my eating schedule down & I felt really great when I went back.


Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for lap surgery (which is also what Opal had). I’ve had too many other abdominal surgeries, which makes a lot of scar tissue. Very tricky to work around laparascopically. I’m prepared for the pain to be about on par with my C-sections (which were all done with a long vertical cut because of my size). With them, I was on morphine for about two days, Vicodin for another day, and then just Tylenol. Of course, it’ll be worse in the sense that my actual innards will be sore and swollen, so I anticipate having a lot more trouble eating and drinking than I did after the C-sections. I’m just thinking the pain will probably be comparable.

I’m prepared for the gas (happened after the C-sections, as well as after my gallbladder surgery), and am prepared to be out of bed, walking around, the evening of the day I have the surgery.

Welcome to the club! I’m 10 months out from an RNY; -109 lbs and still losing.

The only time you’ll catch me saying anything bad about DS is when the DS missionaries start trying to make converts. Luckily, that hasn’t happened for a while.

You’ll not hear any such thing from me. I feel the same way about DS vs. RNY as I feel about SAHM vs. working moms, theists vs. atheists, etc. There is no one right answer for everybody. I trust you did some investigation, and chose what you believed was the right path for you. I did the same thing. No missionary work here!

And I won’t be trying to convince you to switch to a lap RNY, either.

Good luck, and keep us updated.

Well, I’m glad we got that out of the way! :wink:

I’ll definitely keep you all updated!

When I started the process, I was firmly convince that a lap band was the right thing, based on my engineer’s sensibility of all things being equal, simplest is best. I went to the seminar, and my eyes were opened to RNY as the next best thing. Vertical Banded Gastroplasty and DS were also discussed, BTW.

I found out soon after that my insurance didn’t cover lap banding, so I opted for RNY. Yes, I did my homework…

Norinew, that’s so great! I wish my husband could have some kind of surgery, but I don’t think he can with all of his health problems. I wish you the best!

I’m really at the perfect stage for this kind of surgery. I only have two “co-morbidities” (health problems caused or exacerbated by morbid obesity): high blood pressure (even so, it’s only ‘borderline’ high) and chronic lower back pain. Really, I’m in great health, so there’s no reason to believe I won’t come through this with flying colors! At the same time, I am 44, so there’s no reason to believe this good health will hold out forever in the face of my obesity. It’s only a matter of time before it starts to take it’s toll. I’ll be getting the weight off before then, which is a wonderful feeling!

I don’t know what health problems your hubby has, but many, many people who have a lot of co-morbidities qualify really quickly for the surgery, and dump all the meds they’re on within a few months post-op. My particular procedure has an almost 100% cure rate for diabetes, for instance.

That is awesome, Norine! Keep us posted.

p.s. Is your daughter feeling better?

Keep you posted? Are you kidding? By the time this is over with, you guys and everyone else I know is gonna be sick of hearing about it! :wink: And since you moved away, by the time you see me again, I’ll be but a mere shadow of my former self! :cool:

As for my daughter, we still don’t know what’s wrong with her. We finally got her ped to order a blood pregnancy test, which came up negative. But she’s still having all these symptoms (and she swears she can feel the thing kicking!). So she has an appt. with an OB/GYN on Monday to try to get something straightened out. As much as I’d like to be a grandma, I sure hope she’s not pregnant! But thanks for asking.

Congrats Norinew!

I don’t know anything about obesity surgerys, but I want to encourage you once all that weight is gone and your feeling better, to take up some sort of active lifestyle. Keep that weight off and enjoy moving around! It’s great, and it will be greater considering how much weight will be gone.

Well, I’m going to have to incorporate exercise into the whole process. I’ll start a gentle walking program starting at about two weeks, and then ramp up to a full scale program. Obviously, exercise will get easier as I get smaller! Thanks for the good wishes!

Mom i don’t think u could lose weight your just fat!

Good luck to you, Norine! And congrats, if that’s appropriate in this situation!