weight of a tree frog

what is the average weight, in grams, of a tree frog?

failing this, what is the weight of a specific tree frog in grams?

The Green Tree Frog can weigh 70 - 100 grams at 5 - 8 cm long.

The White’s Tree Frog is at least 30% heavier, with some specimens being described as “the size of a softball” (although no specific weight is given).

Red-Eyed Frogs are only 5 cm long, and much thinner than Green Tree Frogs, so I would think that they would weigh less than 70 grams.

The “peeper” common throughout North America areeven smaller, so, probably lighter.

I think poison arrow frogs are about the same size as Red-Eyed Frogs.

Since there are over 300 species of tree frogs in only one Genus (and there are several Genuses), this is not a straightforward question.

…and are you going to tell us why you want to know this, or are you just going to make us sit here and suffer? :smiley: