Weight Watchers Support Group


Very well done :slight_smile:

My first WI is tomorrow night… fingers crossed…

When i say I’m hungry all the time, I mean all the time. Nothing makes me fill satiated. I realize it must be psychological, but how do I ‘cure’ myself? I try to tell myself to ignore it, but it never goes away.

Drink lots of water, LunaSea. They say 32 oz per day, but I drink more. If you’re new to the program, you’ll have that gnawing hunger but it certainly does go away.

I’m telling you, it never goes away, water, veggies etc. don’t help. I could eat a huge turkey dinner and be hungry hslf an hour later. I know its all in my head, but how do I fix it?

If it’s all in your head, you have to make it go away. Your body is fine, but your brain is hungry. You gotta just think it away.

Forget it. I’m sorry I brought it up.

I did WW online and lost 25 pounds! (oooh, ahhh) But I just quite smoking and gained 10 back. (boooo, hisss) So, hopefullyt I can get back on track.

Two things that helped me:

  1. dark chocolate is low in points and high in (something good for you, I forget what) I put a bag of little pieces of dove dark in the freezer and when I needed a cocoa fix I would suck on one of them.

  2. Also low fat graham crackers. They are very filling as a snack and also provide a little bit of sweet

I guess it is obvious what my big problem was. And with the not smoking I keep pigging out on sweets, but my nicotine cravings are finally gone so hopefully…(cross your fingers for me)

Well… It seems to be giong well so far. I didn’t gorge myself this weekend, I didn’t have to eat my boyfriend’s grandmother’s nasty easter ham and now I am back to the real world and sticking to my points!

I have lost 22 lbs so far on WW. I feel great and have reached my 10% loss.

Weee…what is helping:

Water water water water

Right down every single thing you put in your mouth, even if it has no points.

Stay for the meetings.

Go clothes shopping and pick a goal outfit for each size. You don’t have to buy it, but just try it on when you think it might fit.

Good luck, all! I still would like to lose about another 20 or so pounds and I am hoping to be at my goal weight/size by August 1.

I know the feeling actually. Permit me to tell a little story:

Daughter born to 6’ mom and 5’7" dad. Mom heavy dad can eat whatever he wants. By the age of 5 daughter is being taken to WW with mom to learn the proper way to eat. Being so young, tended to fall asleep at the meetings and had no concept why I was there. All I knew was that food was being denied me. For years this continued. To combat the deprivation of food, it was often hidden in my room. Food was consumed when no one was looking. Good things happened - reward with food. Get a booboo - get consoled with food. Food was the center of this fat child’s life. With this, of course the weight piled on.

As a teen, when all the angst kick in, and the true dysfunctionalness of our family reared its evil head, again I turned to food.

I was put on WW again as a young teen (did quite well though that time) and when I was 17 put on a liquid diet only. After 6 months I’d lost just over 75#. Yay me, right? It took someone to sit on top of me and force food in my gob before I would start eating again.

The thing was, despite all the dieting, no one wanted to deal with the emotional issues surrounding food.

It wasn’t until I studied some phsychology that I realised all the issues with food. Once the daemons were dealt with I could deal with the weight issue.

Could this be what you’re experiencing? Could there be an old emotional trigger that makes you feel as if you aren’t getting enough food, or fear that you’ll run out of food?

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as thinking it away. There is something there acting as your trigger. It is up to you to find that trigger and deal with it in what ever manner you feel necessary.

Please don’t give up. Feel free to email me if you need to chat.

Best wishes.

Obviously I meant “write” down, not “right” down. Sheesh. Maybe the weightloss is affecting my brain, too?

A special thanks to everyone who is participating in this thread. I know by sharing our stories, tips and pitfalls we can all help each other.

Jenypher I am also a smoker who is going to be quitting soon. I just know that right now I can’t change my eating habits and quit at the same time. I’m extremely nervous about putting on weight once I quit though. Hopefully we can help each other through that part!

Thanks to this thread, I went to a WW meeting for the first time last night. I’d been feeling awful and wanted to lose weight, but realized I just can’t do it on my own.

I like the points system. I think it’ll work better for me than deprivation. Thankfully, my husband is very supportive and encouraging. I stay at home with my kids and cook lots of meals over the course of a week, so one thing I’ll be looking for is good recipes.

I’m going to eat more than my alotted points tonight at dinner tonight… my boyfriend is in town and since he is my Italian Stallion, he is going to be cooking me spaghetti and meatballs… hopefully I can make up the points tomorrow or maybe walk to a further metro station to get a little extra excercise…

DarkWriter welcome to the group/thread/whatever you’d like to call it! :slight_smile: Glad to have you! I’ll tell you a little confession myself - I doubt I can do it alone so its great to have my friends here to help along!

tramp enjoy your spaghetti and meatballs! To help maybe lower the amount of points you are going to go over by why not start with a salad? That way your body has time to start thinking about being full. Then maybe you’ll eat a bit less of his yummy food.

Also consider the type of meat used for the meatballs. Perhaps minced chicken or lean pork instead of beef? Use lots of fresh vegies in the sauce as well - zucchini, carrots, big hunks of onion, loads of garlic… The more free foods you fill it with, the less the high point food you consume.

Anyhoodle, enjoy :slight_smile:

Had my first WI tonight… :frowning:

I gained 1.5 pounds this week. Spoke with the woman after the meeting and showed her my food journal. The weight gain isn’t from eating more than my points (hell I have somany left over points this week I should be eating 45 points today!). She says I need to double my protein intake and half the carbs. Seems all the carbs really play havoc on your system and prevent you from losing.

So… more protein this next week and less carbs. Wish me luck. 28 points is still massive.

Evil, evil, evil…

powdered sugar doughnut holes, angel food cake, and cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream.

Curses to you!

Well it wasn’t allt hat bad because by the time I got home my roommate had eaten all the garlic bread so I couldn’t eat that. I ate 2 meatballs and not so much pasta and had a cup of milk and a salad.

All in all I think it went ok.

I think I am going to go out tonight and buy a scale.

Thanks Washte it helps knowing I’m not the only one with food issues. A lot of it is tied up with my depression/stress. I’m going through a bad time atm because Mr. Sea has been gone since Feb and won’t be back until the end of May.

Well, I went to my meeting this morning, and I lost .6. It’s not much, but considering my mother gave me a whole basket full of Dove and Cadbury’s creme eggs I did ok.

You did fine love. Keep up the hard work.

Mmmmm… Dove choccie…mmmm

I just 15g of choccie missen (1.5 pts). Sometimes you just hafta have it :slight_smile: