Weird Al Yankovic isn't funny

By all accounts, he appears to be a great guy, and I’m sure he’s a good musician. But I’ve always been baffled by the amount of love for Weird Al’s material. Even at 13 I was unimpressed, because my friends and I did song parodies all the time - we couldn’t believe somebody was getting paid for such nonsense.

I mean, really - song parodies? Besides the fact that once the novelty wears off (after the first listen), it’s just a sub-par version of a song that’s better produced, played and sung in its original form, it’s probably the most facile, juvenile form of comedy this side of a pie in the face. The only explanation I have for people’s attachment is nostalgia for when they were 10 and found this kind of shit hilarious.

I’ve never been impressed by Yankovic. Allan Sherman and Larry Siegel did it much better and funnier in the 1960s.

Yankovic’s parodies are really not all that clever and he’d far inferior to parodists who actually wrote music, like the Bonzo Dog Band, Tom Lehrer, and even the Harvard Lampoon.

I actually kind of agree. I find his method of rewriting lyrics to be getting a little tedious lately.


His original songs are brilliant. Dare to Be Stupid, UHF, The Night Santa Went Crazy, Hardware Store, Virus Alert, CNR, and Skipper Dan to name just a few are all good songs in their own right. While I agree it doesn’t take a whole lot of skill and effort to change lyrics into something goofy while keeping the music, his original songs show that he’s not only capable of writing decent music, but that he’s also able to do it in the style of other bands, which as far as I’m aware is a good deal harder than just rewriting lyrics.

Even in his parody songs, the ability of the band to recreate (and in some cases outdo) the original music is noteworthy, if about as much as any decent cover band.

What I really love, though, is his music videos. It saddens me that his latest videos have been mostly animation, though the JibJab ones are pretty good. The videos for Fat, Eat It, It’s All About The Pentiums, and White and Nerdy (again, just to name a few) are hilarious as videos, not just songs.

Dude, his song parodies are maybe the least funny part of Weird Al. Many of his original songs are true gems; the best of his videos are chock full of sight gags; and his movie UHF is a comedy classic.

Eh, I find his original songs basically novelty tunes, as well, and was unimpressed by UHF. His sense of humor is maybe a little too slapstick for my tastes.

Oh, UHF is totally juvenile and very 80s goofball, but I find it funny.

I like him

White and Nerdy is recent and is hilarious.

I love his song parodies - not all of them, but I think Amish Paradise is fall-down funny, as well as White and Nerdy.

Humor, other than sexuality, is probably the most subjective thing in the world.

It was. . . until every nerd in the world thought they were being soooo witty and amazing by posting it everywhere, quoting it constantly, and listening to it all the time.

Then it got obnoxious. Fast.

I mainly like it just for Donny Osmond dancing like a total goof in the background.

No matter how low I am feeling, One of Those Days can almost always make me laugh.

Some of his stuff is funny. He’s just a fun easy going nerd, and that’s what gives him the extra boost he needs to be popular.

Amish Paradise cracks me up every time I see it.

I had a blind date with him when I was 14 years old. He was 19. I think, at that, he had only written and performed Another One Rides The Bus and was performing it live on the Dr. Demento show on Sunday nights on KMET, 94.7 in Los Angeles circa 1978. It was one of the creepiest experiences in my life and probably explains why I am so scarred…

Smells Like Nirvana is classic.

White and Nerdy was very good hip hop. Seriously. Lyrically superior to the original Ridin’ Dirty: as a matter of fact, I hated Ridin’ Dirty but admitted it was catchy, so I was grateful the Weird Al version.

I have always like Weird Al. He is the sort of guy that you don’t follow…you just sort of jump in when he does something great, and then forget about him for another couple years.

You’ve mentioned this a few times but never expanded on it. Why the fuck was a 19 year old man on a date with a 14 year old child?

Anyone who doubts the genius of Weird Al needs to listen to Genius In France. You’ll never doubt again.

I like this alternative video of White & Nerdy, starring Data.
Also, any Weird Al fan should check out the new movie about him: