Weird Al Yankovic's "Ricky": Who sang the part of Lucy?

My 20 year old cassette doesn’t have any liner notes,

Weird Al’s parody of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” was done as a duet. It was about the characters from I Love Lucy. It was called “Ricky”. Weird Al sang the part of Ricky, and an uncredited guest vocalist sang the part of Lucy.

She did a pretty good impersonation of Lucy’s voice (while at the same time having to be able to sing), and, if the vocalist is the same woman who appeared in the Music Video, she managed a pretty good look alike as well.

So, does anyone know who she was?

Was it the same woman on the record and in the video?

P.S. Toni Basil is really hot!

According to the liner notes of “Weird Al” Yankovic and The TV Album, it’s Tress MacNeille, who according to her IMDB page also played Lucy in the video. She’s also done a lot of cartoon voice work.

Wow, Already in Use chimes in with the goods in less than twenty minutes!
I never would have thought to get music video information from imdb. I knew the name as soon as I read it in your post, I almost expected this to be someone who never had a credit beyond the Weird Al thing, when I saw the name Tress MacNeille I was pretty surprised!

P.S. “Hell-Oh, Nurse!”

Didn’t she also do a line or two in “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi?”

“How ya doin’, Bernie?”

She’s also Agnes Skinner (among others, most likely) in “The Simpsons”.

And Dot Warner from Animaniacs, and she did voices for Tiny Toon Adventures, too, as I recall.

Tress is a pretty busy gal.

No less than Babs Bunny, even.

I said “Hell-Oh Nurse!”