Weird Arnold Schwartzenegger commercial...

These days I can’t go anywhere or look anywhere without seeing Arnie’s loveable face grinning at me. But this is no ordinary movie promotion…

The commercials in question are big, blue billboards (and the occasional flyer or still TV screen) featuring Arnie wearing this really formal looking suit and tie. In his hand is an oversized casetteplayer (HUGE for a walkman, but obviously meant to be used as one!). He is also grinning like a total dipstick.
Oh, and all the text is in Chinese, so I can’t read it.

I know some stars have been doing campaigns in Japan for the money, but a casetteplayer commercial in “red” China seems a long way from doing a Sony photoshoot in Tokyo!

The product is this totally ancient looking casetteplayer thing that I mentioned before, comparatively heavy and dictaphone looking with a built in speaker. Something that could never sell in the west today, with all the walkmans and cd walkmans and MP3 players and whatnot.

So, has anyone seen these commercials (or the product for that matter!) outside China? Are we just part of a campaign that has reached further into Asia, even the West, or has Arnie started working for Chinese advertisers now?

— G. Raven

p.s. I still don’t understand how they can sell that thingy here, with or without Arnie’s face. China is a relatively advanced country when it comes to technology, this seems a step back…

Hmn, that teaches me to post new threads in the middle of the night USA time :slight_smile:
— G. Hrafn


Betcha that they just pasted Arnie’s face over someone else’s body. Look really closely and see if the head seems to match the neck. They probably just took a clipping from when he did Kindergarten Cop or something.

I checked it out SPOOFE, and it seems to be legit. Not just because it really looks like him, though.

These things are cropping up in the strangest places now, and I’ve even seen a couple with the Phillips logo! They now also have Arnie showing off some other products, like a no-name portable GSM phone that I’ve never seen before.

I think Last Action hero has begun to take it’s toll. <Simpson reference>“Marhia, my mighty heart iz bwwweaaaking. I’ll be in ze Hummvee…” </Simpsons reference>

— G. Hrafn