Weird coding error in BBQ Pit

I was reading French troops make the “Fallujah Marine” incident look like a mercy killing and something strange happens at post #24. All the regualr text is bolded, but all the quoted text looks fine. Hopefully it’s just a random quirk.



It can be remedied by a moderator properly nesting the ‘B’ tags within or outside of the quote tags.

OK, I’ve fixed it. I’m leaving this thread wonky, and closing the thread, so that the point is made and demonstrated.

Here’s the thing: the easiest and fastest way to get attention is via a “REPORT THIS POST” (the little exclamation point [ ! ] in the upper right of every post except your own posts.) That will be sure to get Moderator attention as soon as a Moderator signs on to read mail. A post like this one only gets attention AFTER we’ve read mail, and IF – that’s a big IF – we happen to read the thread.

So, again, the fastest and best way to assure getting moderator attention is by REPORT THIS POST.