Weird Condiments

After watching my husband put toasted sesame oil on two unlikely foods today (pizza and a quinoa/roasted beet/chickpea/feta salad), I was wondering what odd condiments have you seen people use?

He also went through a phase where he sprinkled Craisins on everything, and still likes to put Vegemite on anything starchy; FWIW, he’s American-born, bred, and raised.

I’ve usually seen the other way around: normal condiments on unlikely foods. My sister, for example used to like ketchup on pancakes.

That is just WILDLY gross sounding!!:eek:

I don’t know. My father puts ketchup on most things, and ketchup on a sweetish-yet-blandly-starchy thing like a pancake doesn’t seem all that terrible to me.

I’ve been known to put hot sauce on ice cream. Does that count?

True. I suppose I pictured the stereotypical pile of IHOP pancakes done up with butter and syrup… and then being dipped in ketchup.

College age kids love the red-hot Sriracha sauce, I was sending a bottle a month up to daughter for her and friends to use, they poured it on everything that wasn’t actually sweet.

I went through a phase where I put A1 on everything. More recently it’s lemon pepper, salsa, or both.

There was that one time my elderly grandfather poured balsamic vinaigrette over vanilla ice cream. :eek: In his defence he thought it was some kind of syrup (I neglected to take the salad dressings off the table when I served dessert), but he kept insisting that “it tastes just fine”.

At first I thought that was balsamic vinegar - a lot of place recommend drizzling a good aged balsamic over your ice cream. Maybe it would work as well with a balsamic vinaigrette, I’m not sure.

As for my own weird condiment obsessions - if it has cheese or could have cheese on it, I sprinkle ranch dressing mix onto it. If not, I go with gyoza sauce. Can’t go wrong with one of those two.

My ex-Sister-In-Law, an otherwise sane woman, ate sunny-side-up eggs and put grape jelly on them and then turned them into scrambles eggs on a plate. It looked disgusting, but she tried it as a kid and that was the way she still ate them as an adult.

I know a lot of people find it odd that I use mayo with french fries, and prior to moving to Europe, so did I - but now that is the only way to eat them!

BTW, I am one of those few Americans who has always hated catsup/ketchup on almost anything. One bottle of catsup/ketchup lasts me over a year - and that is a small bottle.

Every human is born with the motor-physical capacity to produce any sound of any language–for obvious reasons. Only after one learns one (or several) particular language(s) do the sounds of other languages become “foreign,” and often difficult to produce.

Condiments are kind of the same, if you ask me. No taste–or combination of tastes–is intrinsically weird.

Bacon salt on everything! Hot sauce and curry powder on oatmeal. Soy sauce on cucumbers. Salsa on salad.

I like mayo on fries, on the rare occasion that I eat them. Unlike you, however, I like ketchup on them as well. I have also been known to put mayo and ketchup on scrambled eggs.

Re: Sriracha sauce: It’s common to find a bottle of it next to the soy sauce in the Chinese restaurants around here. Normally I can’t stand very spicy food, but a tiny drop or two of sriracha sauce on my Chinese food is nice once in a while. I have also tried putting a couple drops of sriracha or Tapatio hot sauce in my chicken soup when I have a cold, and it helps clear my sinuses a bit in addition to tasting good.

When I give my daughter sausage or bacon for breakfast, she likes to have a little maple syrup to dip it in. She started doing this since she was 3.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, speaking of weird condiments - while exploring an Armenian market near my ex’s place the other day, his girlfriend and I found some jars of rose petal preserves. She stocked up on the stuff, and I bought a jar to try. They’re awesome on toast! I’m starting to run low already…

My brother-in-law put soy sauce on scrambled eggs.

To me a cold chicken sandwich has to be made with salad cream, not mayo, but that’s not weird.

I have always done this myself. Sausage is awesome with maple syrup. Ive always thought breakfast wasnt perfect unless you had a nice balance of salty and sweet.

Pickapeppa sauce is good so many ways: it’s spicy, with a tamarind sweet undertone. Pickapeppa with cream cheese on crackers is a Louisiana favorite, but I love it with peanut butter on toast in the morning, wakes ya right up.

Also good on popcorn, stirred up quick right after with turmeric, brewer’s yeast, and ginger powder. Great flavor, plus lots of good health benefits.

Red-blooded American male. 42. I put toasted sesame oil on numerous things, from pizza to hummus.

My husband is convinced my love of ketchup on scrambled eggs is a bizarre affectation.

Is not! Even better - salsa.