Weird, Disturbing, Unusual Talent involving Privates

I hope this doesn’t get closed but my lil’ brother showed me something very…I’ll just say “unique”.
He pulled down his shorts and “twisted” his junk so that it looked like a hamburger, a disgusting hamburger but still a hamburger. He then ran off laughing, apparently it was a dare from his friend. I didn’t ask him to do it or expect him to do it he just did it and I have never seen a “talent” quite like that.
I only wish if my brother is going to be good at something it is something that people would actually want to see.
I hope he practices rap and basketball more than he practices this…I don’t know what to call it. I told him if he ever makes a “weiner burger” in front of me I will kick him sooooooooo hard that I will send it back into his stomach and out of his mouth.

Ah yes, Puppetry of the Penis. Very interesting stuff. I enjoyed their Montreal show a few years ago.

They sell a book of “dick tricks”, so you can learn some puppetry yourself!

Boys are yucky.

I can’t believe playing with your dick is a stage show that people pay other people to see…Hmmmm I could be rich and famous.

You’d have to practice quite a bit. I caught a bit on their show on TV and I must say it’s quite impressive. One can buy the book that shows you how, of course.

The snail was my favorite.

You’re not kidding. Shudder.

Boys are just down right weird. If my brother ever does that to me I just may have to disown him as a brother.

Yeah. Ruffian and I went to see it when it was in L.A. It’s fun to say that we’ve been to the show, but I still feel like we were had.

No joke. Talk about taking a hobby that you are passionate about and turning into a rewarding career. They say to do what you love and the money will follow. Truer words have never been spoken.

Girls are jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep telling yourselves that. :smiley:

Ho hum, my reading ability is down tonight, this is the second thread where I misread the title. After the post, I was thinking “??? Where are the pirates?”, went back to the tile and then :smack: oh, privates

Call me when you can tie it in a knot and make it whistle Camptown Races and I’ll get you on Letterman.

(Total hijack)

Harimad-sol, Lady Angharad, wielder of the Blue Sword- I love your username. We need more Robin McKinley fans around here.

<Napoleon Dynamite>

Truth be told, Lissla Lissar, I chose this name partly because I saw yours while I was lurking! You’ve no idea how close I was to being “Ossin.” :smiley: And I agree. [/hijack]

They have no reason to be. I’m sure there’s great commercial possibilities in the female version of the stageshow. Heck, I’ve already thought of a good name: Cunning Stunts.

Somehow I read the title as Privateers.

A discussion of penis tricks is kind of disapointing when you are expecting Pirate tricks. Arrrrrr. :frowning:

Reading the thread after posting(I really need to stop doing that)I see that that conclusion was already reached by Optihut from a different direction.

That’ll show you that there are forms of entertainment people pay for that you never knew existed.