Weird entries in startup on Windows ME

I was just checking out the entries in the startup of my PC. There were some that made no sense to me. I tried googling for them and came up blank. Looking for some computer guru to identify these and tell me if I need them or I can delete them from the list.


  1. jiqltvvc
  2. div
  3. ijgfgrip
  4. TVWakeup

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


TVWakeup is a part of the WebTV installation for Windows 98. If you don’t use WebTV, you can turn it off, or uninstall WebTV in Add/Remove Programs.

The rest are randomly generated names for spoyware processes. You can try turning them off, but they will probably come back, and they will rename themselves something else that looks like a random string of characters. Try some of the spyware removal techniques mentioned in this thread.