Weird lost hiker story

Story here.

The strange part is the daughter rendered a very detailed drawing of a structure she said was near where she left her father. I hike a lot. I don’t think a thing like that could escape notice in any of the parks I hike in - especially on a trail. But after a couple of days there is no information on what this Item is.

I hope the old fellow is found unharmed an OK.


Maybe it’s the foundation of an old shed or commercial building? I’m surprised no one has recognized it. Teens often find places like that for parties/drinking. We had a couple near my old high school.

Come on people! It’s 2010. If you are going hiking in the woods, carry a GPS. Billions of dollars of infrastructure are orbiting our heads right now for the sole purpose of locating stuff in the woods. Use it!

Not needed, don’t want it.

Do they have any idea where the daughter exited the woods? Can’t they use satelite image from there to try to find/identify the structure? Odd that it has been days and they’re still baffled.

Sometimes I carry one and sometimes I don’t but if I was 92…

A structure that size should be visible from google maps. If they are so interested in finding it, why haven’t they givent he public the full path information? (i.e. they started out here, she was found on the road here. . .)

She’d have to be pretty stupid to have made up that level of detail. It’s also strange that they describe it as “remains.” laquered rocks don’t stay bright and shiny very long.

Appears to be some sort of drain.

Here’s some good news about another man:

I want to emphasise this part:
"For someone on a day hike, Rosenthal was very well-equipped. Joe Zarki, a park ranger, noted that he had three or four liters of water, snack food, a space blanket, a whistle and flares.
He hiked for about a day and a half, descending almost 2,000 feet down the canyon, and then he ran out of food and water.

“At that point, he realized he was in some difficulty,” Zarki said. “Once he found his spot, he thought he was better off staying there and that’s what you’re supposed to do."

  1. Have some survival gear- signaling, fire, blanket, extra layer, water, food.
  2. Once you realize you are lost, find a good spot and hunker down.

You don’t need matches to start a fire either but I bet you carry some.

Depends on the hike. I don’t carry any emergency kit when out for a trail run usually. On a summer day hike my emergency kit is pretty small; some F/A stuff, a lighter, compass, and a few other items. Overnights and winter day hikes have correspondingly more stuff. Unless I’m planning to bushwack I wouldn’t consider a GPS here in the northeast. Out west I would consider it more seriously.

Maybe she was hallucinating. Did they try bloodhounds? Can’t they track back to where she started?

Were they following a trail? How well marked are the trails in the park? Did they decide to start bushwhacking?
I got lost on a hike a couple months ago, but realized I was going in the wrong direction on the trail I was on. I always use a map and research the trail online before I go anywhere new. I always carry a small first aid kit, snake bite kit, matches, flashlight, space blanket and all the water I can carry comfortably.

Sounds fishy to me. She leaves him out there in that state, miraculously finds her car and has some wild story.

I can’t see how having a groovy pair of strides will help in this situation, but fair play to Ranger Zarki for adding a bit of sartorial commentary.

The search continues as of this afternoon. I hate to say it, but if they haven’t found him by now, they’re probably looking for a body. Unless he was abducted by aliens, which I would not rule out.

They’re coming back into fashion!

That was my first thought. It’s incomprehensible to me that they didn’t try this or explain why it wouldn’t work.

It sure seems like the hounds could track back from where ever she came out of the woods. Mythbusters did a show where they tried to fool the bloodhounds. All the tricks from the movies were tried. Nothing worked (including changing clothes and bathing). Those dogs are amazing.

Bloodhounds do have one weakness. The Mythbusters did throw one off the scent by going into an urban area. All the conflicting smells got the mutt totally confused.

Did she not have a cell phone with her? If she did, couldn’t she have left it with him so they could locate him using the gps in the phone?

If she didn’t, well, why not?

My first thought, especially if she drew the thing before getting food/sleep.

My second thought. Though there was probably an easier way to off a 92-year-old, one swift ‘accident’ instead of an elaborate story and diagram.